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My Fiverr Gig has been closed by the support team

I have been writing articles and assignments writing for more than 3 years on Fiverr, but suddenly some days back I got a message that my Gig does not pass the rules of Fiverr guidelines. I don’t know why I got this message since I had already been writing assignments with this gig and this one was one of my best performing gigs. My sales will definitely decline due to removal of this gig. Would any person who is also writing assignments on Fiverr suggest me how to get my gig approved on Fiverr?

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Fiverr has just passed a new rule that writers and many other sellers are not allowed or permitted to do other peoples homework or assignments. Buyers who come here looking for people to do the work for them are being carefully watched now. That is probably why it does not pass anymore. If the words “assignment” or “homework” were in your gig description that would have been a big red flag for them.

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Thank you for replying to my query. Can you please suggest me for how should I get a valid gig on the Fiverr. Should I just write ‘I will write anything for you?’ or something. I am really frustrated since I had no job and this gig was crucial to earn me my bread. Please suggest!

Create gigs that you’re good at doing. Think of a skill you’re experienced in, enjoy, and passionate about. Also, you should create multiple ways to make your bread & butter (generate income). Relying solely on one :chicken: egg is not going to fly. Have a few eggs in your basket. Good luck!

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