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My fiverr gig has vanished from the search

After sales started to pick up sales have now diminished. I would wake up every morning with at least 1 message but now, nothing. I tried searching for my gig using keywords such as ‘powerpoint’ and also ‘flat powerpoint’ but it does not appear at all. I did log out before searching for my gig.

Reply to @theratypist: I don’t think most people would search for “flat design”.

ALso, I would think the search results are skewed, especially if you are logged in. But kind of like how google algorithums works, google knows what you search for and knows what pages you visit so gives you that ranked much higher. Try googling something relating to your buisness on your own computer and see where you come up in the results. Then go to like the public library where you have never been online before and search from a library computer without logging into your email or anything, just a cold search and you will see a difference in what comes up as a result.

I thought it was a little similar here. But I do not think that is the main problem. I think other issues can help this gig get higher in the searches.

Hello, I am wondering if anyone has the same problem as me?

Your gig has’t been removed from the search. I’ve seen it when searching for “powerpoint presentation”.
Maybe now is in a lower position (I’ve seen it in the second page), but that’s life on Fiverr. Some times our gigs go higher and we get more messages and sales, and other times, no messages and no sales for a few days.

I also tend to get less sales at the end of each month and more at the beginning. I don’t know if that happens to other sellers too.

Could someone help by searching “PowerPoint” and “keynote” and see where they appear in the search results? I really want to know where my gig stands in the search.

I am currently trying to optimise my gig at the moment.

When did you become a Level 1 seller?

Reply to @belengarcia: Ah, what a relief! I thought I couldn’t find it and I was panicking thinking it was removed. Could you try and search for “powerpoint” and “keynote” and see if my gig appears in those? It would be great if you could. :slight_smile:

Reply to @sincere18: About 1 year ago. Sales have slowed down significantly which is probably why I haven’t moved up to Level 2 yet.

Reply to @flatpp: Maybe you need to update your gig. Get rid of the whole flat design one bar image that is the first thing you see. You don’t want to emphasize any negatives.

And maybe add a video of an actual presentation. You have a bit too much generic stuff, like template or John Doe. If you have really been doing powerpoint for that many years I would think you have lots of real materials to work with (ask clients first of course for permission to use for advertising) or make up some “real” stuff.

Look through these?✓&search_in=category&source=top-bar&locale=en&query=powerpoint&page=1&layout=auto&filter=rating

How do you think your gig stands out compared to the rest of Power Point sellers? Just the main image that you see in a search can effect whether someone will actually click on your gig. Yours is just that plain black thing with an orange bar. If you were looking for a gig to buy would you click on yours first or the others?

Look at high rated gigs from other sellers and get ideas of how you can make your gig really stand out. Look at the first few images in their portfolio and how they write up their gig and profiles. Sometimes you have to do a little updating and freshen things up to compete.

good luck to you.

Reply to @flatpp: I typed powerpoint and I don’t really know where your gig was, or I just got tired of scrolling down… haha

I typed powerpoint flat design and yours was the first gig that appeared :slight_smile:

I tried keynote, didn’t see your gig. it was actually just a few gigs that appeared too.

Btw, you can actually search your gigs on your own. It will still work, even if you are the one searching. :slight_smile:

Reply to @sincere18: I replaced it with “John Doe” due to the fact the buyer wanted confidentiality.

I did have a video way before this but I removed it thinking it would help. It did to some extent but now its gone.

I will definitely look into making another video.

Reply to @flatpp: Ok, but the make up a real sounding name and do not use John Doe, that makes it look like not a real sample.

What was your video of before? If it was a bad video removing it could have helped. But a good one can really help.

I would think just make a really great slideshow and then export it as QuickTime movie. Is that what you did?

Did you actually go and look through all the gigs on that link above? Did you notice their main images compared to yours? I think you are missing the point of the feedback we are giving you. Look at all those grate photos on the front of everyone’s gigs. They are colorful and show samples.

Then click on at least 5 or 6 that have a video and watch them and get ideas.

Reply to @sincere18: The video consisted of explaining what flat design is, then it went on to the order process and pricing. I don’t think it was very effective at all which is why I had removed it.

I have taken a look at the other gigs many times and I will look at creating a better image for my gigs.

However, what I am noticing everyday is that my favorites are going up, I have about 476 but I’m not sure if people who have Favorited my gig have actually gone and bought it!

Reply to @flatpp: I agree, that does not sound like a good video.

I think the problem is that the people buying on Fiverr do not know what “flat power point is”. In order to sell something you have to figure out how to advertise to your target market.

So who is your market? Who are the buyers wanting to buy Power Point presentatoins? Small business owners maybe? So how technically saavy do you think the all are? They probably do not know what Flat Design is.

Here’s the thing, I had no idea what “flat design” for Power Point is. I had to google it and go through a few search results to figure it out. It’s basically “responsive layout design” for Power Point - is that right? So that your presentation will look good on any device you show it on, is that right? Either that or it’s a one long page of an infographic?

Do you only want to to Flat design or do you want to do all kinds of powerpoint? Maybe you should have 2 different gigs. But add something to your title to let buyers know what flat design is. AND write about it in your gig description. Maybe i will Design PowerPoint Presentation for All devices

Reply to @sincere18: A lot of people who buy my gigs are usually aware of what flat design is and are people who usually present this high up top in a boardroom. I could possibly market it towards them as they know what it is.

Yes, that is exactly what flat design is. It is a simple use of elements, typography and colors.