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My Fiverr gig is here

I am a professional *Graphic Designer
I am Expert In Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator at7 years, but i am now in this platform.
I am really satisfied to work with Fiverr. I will always try my best to provide the best service possible.
I Hope all are can help me during in this journey.
here is My Gig Link.
This Gig is make for Background Remove. Its a most Common Part Of graphics design,but most of people can’t well very much. So I provide
Best Photo Removing at any Image or any kind of background.Most of people Need Fresh and white background of their image, so the cut out their object form image like transparent or white background.If You trust me i will provide best quality service at my best experience with Your Satisfaction . I am always committed to gaining people’s trust and confidence.
Tha’ts visit My Fiverr gig link:
Thanks With Us


Nice bro your gig looks good

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Thanks You Bro , For your valuable Comment.

Nice one.Try to get Success…

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Thank You Brother for your comment.

Hi! Your gig looks nice, but it’s in a pretty competitive niche.

Never offer unlimited revisions! Buyers can request as many revisions as they want and you could end up doing extra work that wasn’t in the original order.

Also, unlimited revisions combined with $5 is pretty bad. For example, if I keep request revisions and eventually I’d requested 100 revisions (and I can continue to request more), you would be spending days and nights possible editing thousands of my photos from revisions for $4. Is that really worth it?

I hope this helps!

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It’s seems to look that everything is all right there. Good luck for your carrier on fiverr.

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many many thanks for for comment. i will try that.

thanks for supporting.