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My fiverr gig is not appearing on the pages

I have searched through all the pages and my gigs are not showing up on the pages. I have even looked in incognito mode and I STILL can’t find it listed on the pages. Does anyone know why?


I have the same problem ): I getting impressions but i dont know how because i cant find my gig.

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“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate daily.”

This can be found here, in the second paragraph.

If you’re getting impressions, it’s showing up in the search. Though maybe not using the same filters or words you’re using.


Thank you for the response, I understand what it is saying. However, that kind of sucks when the gigs I’m looking at only have 1 page of listings and mine won’t be listed among those even though it is categorized properly. I have had past orders, all 5 stars with fast response time and great feedback. I feel like that is not fair to not be listing everything and to be favoring certain sellers and rotating gigs (sounds like a faulty algorithm). How are other sellers going to get noticed when they only have a few listed :frowning: .

Thank you again for responding with some info - I greatly appreciate the insight!

Why is it not fair if all gigs are rotated and given - chance? Including top rated sellers who are quite often moved to the last pages.


Your gig shows second on the first page if you search for “twitch bulk emotes”. However that doesn’t sound to me like keywords a real buyer would use and that might be the issue with your gigs not getting enough impressions.
Try experimenting with your keywords and see how that turns out.


I was trying to get more towards: If I’m searching for a gig that only has 1 page available and not all gigs are shown. Having rotating gigs when other gigs have multiple pages. I understand if my wording came off the wrong way, sorry!

Rotating is fine when ALL gigs are shown. Alynagarapie below gave some good feedback where it might be my wording that might make it hard to find. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your feedback! That is SUPER helpful, I just assumed that categorizing it properly would have it appear on the page where those gigs are listed. I now see that I should look into the wording more!
Thank you --Thank you!! :smiley: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s a nightmare to find gigs since the last algorithm update :neutral_face: Sorting options are completely drunk, so they don’t help at all. So if you at least know your gig’s review amounts, it would be so easy to find it if there was an option to “Sort gigs by most reviewed”, and it would list all gigs fairly in a descending order.

Best selling sorting for example likes to show everything except best selling, so that won’t help either. I still can’t find one huge seller I wanted to work with. :pensive:


Please check if your gigs are active or not. Sometimes it happen that gigs are active but need some modifications. I have faced the same probs, after having 12 works done with 11 five stars, my gig wasn’t appearing on search page. There i applied the gig checking system given by fiverr. You can find this option in help and support. From there go to submit a request option then from the drop down menus, select gig. The another pop up will appear, there select MY GIG DOESN’T APPEAR ON SEARCH. Then they will give you another drop down where you will find name of your gigs. Just select the gig and fiverr will show you if your gig is active or it need any changes. Let me know if you find it useful.


I am facing the same issue :frowning:

try to search with different keywords

Try this please

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