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My fiverr GIG is on page 20, How do I get the first page

My fiverr GIG is on page 20, How do I get the first page

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Patience. Be active and update your Gigs regularly. You can’t always be at the top, and the Gigs are always rotating its places.


Updating your gig throws it out of search.

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Thank you so much for your best reply

Not true. In fact, I get about 5 extra orders in the same day I update my gigs.

Okay, you are right! but some of people said that " if you edit the gig, the rank decreases" is it correct?

If you read a little on forum you will see that there are many sellers on first page and do not get orders for months.

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I am one of them! my gig was first page and I regularly get good orders but it’s been a while My gig has gone to the last page, That’s why I can’t get any orders right now.

In this case, what do I do now?

Nothing you can do. Patience is what all is saying.

First page = no orders
Last page = no orders

It is just state of the economy.
Too many sellers too little buyers.

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Absolutely right! Thanks so much for your reply