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My fiverr gig is viewed by 14 people but no one have offered ANY ORDERS FOR ME? PLEASE HELP ME



I believe one of the reasons why people are not ordering is due to your
description. I see many grammar mistakes, yet one of your gig is a writing gig.

" i can write technical documents and reports"

I’m sorry, but the " i " is enough to make most potential buyers avoid your gig.


descriptions needs to be improved change your keywords .

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lol!! One of my Gig is viewed by 48 people, 22 clicks and 154 impressions and still no order…


That’s a ton of views per impression and keywords are most likely not the issue here. Something inside the gig is scaring people away. Maybe the grammar or description. Maybe the prices or packages. Maybe your portfolio. People are finding you; it’s your job to figure out why it’s not converting to sales.

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