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My Fiverr GiG not working

I have no orders long time
My GIG Album cover arts
My Link

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You can research seller tips category on forum. Good luck.

Hi! Check this post out for some tips on what to do when you’re not getting any orders: Answer to all the questions that sellers have

Also, specific to your gig, album covers is a pretty competitive category, meaning there’s lots of other gigs in that category!

Firstly, never offer unlimited revisions! If you offer unlimited revisions, buyers can request revisions even years later and you could get pulled into a never-ending order.

Secondly, I would suggest maybe offering 3 packages instead of just one. This will give buyers more choices, but this is totally up to you!

The designs you have in your Gig Gallery are really nice! Good luck on getting some orders!

research low computation catagory . send 10 buyer request daily…
Best wishes from me
Thank you

You can research seller tips and send buyer request everyday .