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My Fiverr GIG Position

Hi Everyone
Can any body help me? Please tell me can i check my gig position on fiverr .If yes then how Please tell me


Type your gigs keyword in fiverr search.
You can find your gigs there.
If gigs do not appear.

Means you do not have a ranking yet


And does anyone know this, I just changes the image of my gig, and ranking is gone?


Do you mean that you can’t find your gig in search results?

If that’s the case, it takes couple of hours ( sometimes 24-48) after gig editing to appear in the search results again.


But it’s been like 4 days now
I don’t know what happened
Even the reviews are positive :slight_smile:


I have searched both gig title and keyword but don’t appear in search result


Same issue with me. I also don’t find my gigs in search i tried both gig title and keywords for searching


True. But if you are lucky than you get featured in Fiverr’s E-Mail campaign that will open up quite a few leads for you.

There are times where there is absolutely no leads to my gigs. Then there are times I get 2 to 3 queries within a few hours.

Also what I need to know - how I can improve my ranking?


You said you changed your gig picture so I am assuming you edited your gig. After editing your gig, it should reappear in 48 hours. In some cases, it takes longer. I’ve had this happen to em too and I contacted customer care and they got it fixed.


great, thank you
let me do the same, by asking support, cheers!


You can increase your rankings with many positive raviews.
It must be from the buyer.
Encourage them to do a positive review.

Your portfolio will drive more sales

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Yes. But there needs to be sales. You can get positive reviews after sales.

I also face issues that at times, my regular clients who order more than 5 times from me, don’t leave reviews even after reminding them.

If you see my portfolio, it has 100% +ve reviews. But only 70% of my clients leave reviews. There is not much I can do.

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Driving traffic from outside the fiverr to the fiverr will drive sales.

I always promote my services on multiple platforms.
If you do the same thing.
I guarantee there are lots of sales.
Ranking will literally go up if you are a high quality seller

I do agree with you on this 100%
Same with me, my regular clients, normally don’t give me review now :frowning:

@jessica236 use same keyword your gig title for example "design a unique logo with unlimited revision.

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Thank you
I will Try