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My fiverr Gig rank down

I’m new to fiber. I’m only publishing 2 gigs. Gig comes to page 3 within a few hours of being published but the rank slowly goes down. How does Gigi get up? please tell me.


Dear rajuanmia
Keep active all time. :white_check_mark:Your Gig will rank on Fiverr soon.


Share your gigs, do marketing. Get clicks, orders. These things keeps the gig alive.


keep patience success will come soon inshaallah.

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It was great start but whta was your impression when you saw your gig in the Top.

It could be there because of your search term.

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It’s all based on the ranking algorithm which is always changing. Sometimes my gigs are ranked on the first page and other times they are on the fifth. One thing i have noticed is that having a reviewed gig is a huge boon to your gig ranking.


you are right :heart::heart:

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I don’t understand your comments…

Active in online & share your gig various social media.

Why are you saying that when it’s proven to not be true. You can stay on Fiverr 25/7, they don’t care about the amount of time you spend online. Not only does this mean you are cheating the system (since no one can stay online non stop, but Fiverr will definitely warn you if you use any auto clickers or cheating tools to stay online.

Why not promote your service online and deliver a great service to customers? That helps, unlike wasting time online waiting for clients to drop out of the sky. My 2 cents…

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Thanks for your advice but how possible 24/7 active.

use a laptop and Plug it In…And Stay active…

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