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My Fiverr Gig Report!


Yo everyone!

Im very happy to report to you:

Second Gig Success!!

Gig Rating 100%!!!

hahaha!! very happy hope ill reach level 1 soon hahha…

thats all!!


Everyone who sells on Fiverr wishes all their buyers sounded just like you, appreciative, easy going & happy go lucky. Rock on!


wow thanks dude!! you rock hahaha!!


Nice man ! Keep up the good work !


yeah thanks ozzie i do hope i get more buyers soon hehe :smiley:


Congrats! How does it feel? :-*


Congrats, continue to do what you do and be the best at it!


thanks bree much appreciated!!

and sure i will continue doing my gig and i hope i will be the best one at it hehe :)>-


Reply to @rambo35:

feels good man!!..hehe i mean earning something in the thing you do best is really fun!!


It is really great that you are quite satisfy about your experience. Wish you all the best for your more and more orders and future business.


Reply to @gpt123:

thank you very much gpt123!!



I’m more or less in the same situation; having completed my first order a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, the buyer has not accepted it or provided any rating/feedback yet. :frowning:


Reply to @socialweb1:

oh thats a rough situation dude…anyway just reporting that i have a new order and im going to complete it later today!!..if you guys want to look at my arts feel free to visit my profile ^^


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thanks vedmak!!


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wow i didnt think that my style was really cool…haha…thanks much!!!..i dont know…haha…its really cool to know that my art style resembled those used alot in games even if i dont play games…haha…thanks a bunch vedmak!!!


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gee your words really makes me happy vedmak haha…thanks a bunch!!!..hope youll get more with your gigs!!!

ill collect your gigs!!!..hahaha :)>-


Yo this is StudioCaramel here…

last night i just recieved 5 orders which is really great but the bad thing is i stupidly clicked on a phishing link…im really down right now because i was still starting out and just when the orders came pouring this thing happens i was really glad that i recieved many orders and i really want to do them all i dont care about the revenues that was already generated in my account what i cared about right now is that i want to access my account because i want to finish the orders of my customers. as for me its what really important so please if theres any fiverr support reading this please help me access my account i dont want my account or name be branded as a scammer / or something like not being able to finish an order on the exact date i want to work heartily yes i was stupid for clicking that stupid link but i also dont want to make my buyers wait for nothing what i want right now is to finish those queued orders i dont care if those phishers get all the revenues generated by my account what i want right now is to really finish those orders.

i know that many people are victimized by those phishers right now and im not being special too i just want to resolve this thing quickly so that i can go back serving those buyers what they wanted.

the truth is im really frustrated right now…yes im stupid for clicking that link but if i can i would beat the lights out of those phishers and im saying this not because im in a computer im saying this because a can literally beat the fk out of them till im satisfied.

and also please if you see a “studiocaramel” guy messaging you in your inbox its not me…i cant access my account and if this “studiocaramel” gave you a link to a fiverr gig please dont click it or else you will regret it…

to those people who ordered from me im really hoping some of them read this…im very sorry if i cant message you right now you can cancel if you like but i will still draw those orders you gave me i still got here the list of those people who ordered from me and i already saved your orders so its really your choice to cancel it or not but im still saying that ill still draw them i really hope my buyers wont be disappointed by this…

heres hoping that the fiverr support team will resolve this wide spread phishing event not only for my account StudioCaramel but also for those others who unknowingly and innocently click on that go
*mn link those mot*fkin phishers created…

so that we can all go back serving the buyers the orders they wanted

peace out and hope those phishers would die a gruesome death.

haha i also hope i wont get banned for my words here…im really angry and frustrated right now…sorry guys…well then cheerio!