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My Fiverr Gig was denied because they thought my original artwork wasn't mine

I am not sure why Fiverr thought this but it denied my first gig post because it thought my image was not my original content. I had even backed it up on my Tumblr and my Blogspot in order to make sure that the images traced back to me.


The closest thing I could imagine is that the scanner app that I used left a watermark and that set but this is my own original illustration. It is currently being used as a personal storyboard for a series I am working on for YouTube. I don’t know what happened and I have no idea how to dispute it.

Can anyone help?

contact the CS team here
and provide the evidence that you are the owner the those images.
This happen to me 2 times before, but then all my gig has been restore.

Thanks, I’ll be working on that today and awaiting their reply. If it gets denied, how should I go about it? Exactly how did you frame out your evidence? I am unable to provide the gig URL so I don’t know what to do. It’s my first post and my first time dealing with this.