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My fiverr gigs and gettings order

my gig view is 38,impression is 59 but why i don’t getting order?
what can i do now?

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I saw your background removal gig and see a couple of problems with it.

I know it might sound like a great thing to remove backgrounds of 40 pictures in two hours but that is actually too much. Try saying 8 pictures, so it sounds possible.

People don’t want this done to 40 pictures in two hours. They might have 8 for $5 and even that is a lot.

Second, your title of the gig says 6 hours, but your actual delivery time says 2 hours. Both of these are not good. It’s too fast! Make it 24 hours. Sound like a human, not a machine. It sounds much too desperate. It scares away buyers. It does the opposite of what you want.

What happens if you are asleep when an order comes in? How will you wake up and do this, 40 pictures, in two hours, or six hours? It’s not possible and this makes people not buy your gig.

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Thanks and plz now visit my profile and tell me that have any problem now.plz