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My Fiverr gigs are ghosted

A don`t receive any traffic to my 2 active gigs.No impressions,no clicks nothing.

My title,description and tags are propper but still nothing.

I believe that my gigs are “ghosted”.

Anyone with the same problem?

How to get thru this?

I don’t think they are “ghosted” like a craigslist ad or something. I can view them. They may be blocked from appearing in search, though. Fiverr is starting to drop some gigs out of search and Adsense gigs could be one of those areas. If you recently created the gigs that is different. It takes time for new ones to show analytics.

pertinax22 said: No impressions,no clicks nothing.

It's also possible it's a glitch in the reporting. People have been having dashboard issues lately. If you don't get any impressions at all in a day or two, contact customer support.