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✦ Please contact me before placing Orders ✦


Professional image editing and enhancing: Background removal- white/ transparent/ change BG, Enhance/ adjust color, contrast, lighting, resize/ crop, effects adding

Advanced image retouching:

Face, skin & body: creating perfect looking skin, removing skin/lip wrinkles, bags under eyes, crow’s feet, marks, blemishes, eye bags, improve skin complexion/ makeup, whiten teeth, body slimming, reshaping, reduce fat on body parts, etc…

Here are professional services in brief

Background Removing/changing (Transparent Background)

Basic Photo Retouching & Enhancing; Removing wrinkles and blemishes, Improve complexion, Whiten teeth, Slim Body

Color Changing

Merging Photos

Photos/Images Resizing

Editing Your any private documents

Adjust lighting/contrast

Any simple editing of 1 image

Photo manipulation (Swap Heads/body parts)

Remove Objects from Picture

Any other photo editing ( contact me before ordering)

If you have a specific requirement which is NOT listed above, just contact me and I’ll most likely be able to help you.

Advanced Background removal:

My Services:

White / Transparent / replace background

Enhancements of the product image

Adjust lighting


Restore defective area

Image resizing/ Crop


Why you will order me -

  1. First, I will do a sample test example for you.
  2. I can read, write, speak & listen to English very well.
  3. If you don’t like my work, I will not take any payment.
  4. Once you are my regular buyer
    =>I will do extra fast delivery free for you urgent cases.
    =>I will deliver work with due payment and you can pay me even after one month.
    =>You can pay me a monthly basis if you make a deal with me for monthly projected work.
  5. I am very open-minded, friendly & communicative.

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