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My fiverr gigs denied

Hi guys,I have a big problem I hope you can help me .Fiverr denied my 2 fiverr gigs I’m using that gigs 7months ago and now they denied my gigs so I want my gigs become active again .And I send their a message requesting for them but until now they don’t respond my message it’s 1week now my gigs denied. Whose had experience same of mine?:frowning: hOW long the fiverr they respond?

yeah, i had that same problem, i had a gig for a month and it was completely fine, i just edited one keyword afterwards and then they denied my gig talking about that the image that I used was not so great eventhough i didn’t change my image and it was a good image that i created :frowning: but i did it again and resubmetted it and we are all good now.

I had my gig denied after using it for 4 month. I put in a request to support but have not heard back from them. Crazy… it was making money for me and fiverr and then at level 2 with 100% position it is denied!!!

Hello there,thanks for the comment’s. Anyway Ms.Winchester so your gig still denied until now?Because my 2gigs are important for me it’s making more money than my other gigs so I want them to active again.