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"My Fiverr Gigs Disappeared From Search Results" Something Not So COOL!

I recently joined fiverr & I was taking about 7-9 orders per day, one day I woke up with no orders at all & after 2nd day the graph went to dead zero. I started inspecting & my gig views significantly dropped, I performed some reality checks from search box and through my friends…


I contacted the unresponsive support operator named “Kevin” & he is slow even than a snail but eventually I managed to contact “Maria” she is very responsive & Always helped me out from my technical issues infact she is my last hope, She always keeps my believe alive that fiverr is great place with excellent support.

I got my gigs edited & polished to remove all the stuff which was against third party abuse & messaged back, I am waiting for the reply & I hope my gigs get restored.

I hope it works out for you. What is this third party abuse? Can you enlighten us so we understand and not do it ourselves.