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My Fiverr GIGs IMPR. CLICKS. VIEWS. all are "0"


Anyone know why is that ? My Fiverr Gigs IMPR. CLICKS. VIEWS. all are “0” since last Friday. Is there any system update? and Is this matter happen before ? Anyone know about this, please tell me, Really fed up with this…!! :frowning:


Stats are broke. I have new gigs show the same stats, yet they have orders. How can you have zero views and get orders. Stats are broke, known issue.


Now it is working fine


It’s fixed for me, now I see the stats again. I was confused cause I had 0 clicks and yet I got 2 orders yesterday (the first ones too)! I’m guessing there was some database issue.


@orcatek Becase of it was my new GIGs, thats why I get zero views. but now its OK, views increased.

@fullmontis haha…!! Congratulations…!! Now the problem is OK, views are coiming :smiley: