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My fiverr gigs not showing impressions

my fiverr gigs not showing impressions its been two days. How can i resolve this issue

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Finally , another new one, you can simply search in the forum to get your answer
This is the issue that happened to all of us, not only you. And the bug have been for weeks, how come now then you aware of this? We have no idea when the bug will be fixed, just wait

For a starter to start reading. I see that you managed to create an account here so you can definitely see the big orange banner on top of your gigs saying that fiverr is working on it.

If that’s not enough then there is a pinned topic right top of this forum explaining this situation.

Still not there, well there is a search button on the forum and dozens of topics already created with the same question. :woman_shrugging:

Gig analytics issue: causing data to not be shown (Still there and updating) .