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My Fiverr Gigs - Please help out a single mother

So my husband left me and I have bills to pay, so instead of asking for a hand-out, I decided to ask for a hand-up. I am an excellent resume and cover letter writer. Please, consider helping me out. I have a nine-year-old girl whom I need to keep feeding and taking care of.

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Best of luck dear.Keep Working You will get the Job on Fiverr

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Doing okay all things considered. I just really want to pay my bills, ya know? I don’t want him to know I can’t do it without him.

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I can Understand. Don`t Lose hope Keep sending buyer request.

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How do I do that? I literally just finished signing up.

Once logged in, from the Selling menu, click More > Buyer Requests .

Hello, that pity sale is a tough one to make. Trying to get people to help you or buy your gig out of pity usually doesn’t work out too well. But welcome to fiverr and I wish you well here.

Your gig description also tries to use pity to get people to buy from you:

I am a writer by trade and have been on SSDI for a couple of years now. I was working. Part-time job from home but they started ignoring me and won’t return any of my call or texts. One way to pay bills is to write. I can write your resume and make it be what you are looking for, and make it current. Please help me keep my family afloat. I’m not looking for a hand-out. just a hand-up.

That’s not exactly the way to get buyers.


Hi Sarah,

It can be hard getting your first clients! I would suggest buyer’s requests, like other posters have said, and I would suggest changing the wording in your gigs a bit. Right now I am only reading about your financial troubles, but not about your skills in writing cover letters and resumes. If I would want to hire someone to write a resume/letter for me, I’d sooner order from someone who tells me what they can do for me! So I’d suggest showing off those cover letter writing skills in your gig descriptions and profile - those function as a cover letter of sorts for potential clients.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, but I tell the truth, it’s not guilt, it’s the truth. I wouldn’t wish my life on anyone.

Thanks. That’s why I posted the last three resumes I created. I want to make sure people couple actually see the difference in what I can do.

But why put that out there in your gigs? It has nothing to do with writing resumes. You are here to provide a service, not to try to garner pity. People won’t hire you based on your personal misery.

You need to switch your focus mentally from letting the world know about how bad off you are, to letting the world know what a fantastic resume writer you are who can help them.

This is now about you helping others, not about others helping you. See the difference?


I agree with misscrystal. Everyone has their own reasons for doing what they do and honestly, most people have to deal with hardships. However, putting your financial problems in your gig descriptions seems unprofessional and will turn a lot of buyers away.


Exactly. I’m not understanding why anyone would do this. It must be that it is a cry for help, but this is not the place where that works. It’s not going to make people want to hire someone to write their resume especially.

Here is this great resume writer who is so desperate, and been on SSI for years, so why can’t she write her own resume to get a job? That’s what people will wonder.

We have a fortune teller in another thread, asking people what’s going to happen next to her? I see a parallel here.


I’m on SSDI, but I did write myself a resume.I even posted it to show what I can do. I’m taking your advice and re-re-writing it so it doesn’t sound so pathetic.

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I am a writer by trade and am always writing. I try and write something every single day, but it’s not always possible. I have been published twice which I was when I was in high school 2001-2002. I am a recently single mother and looking to pick up the extra cash. I have copies of resumes that I have completed recently and I was able to tailor each to the linking of the customer. It’s your resume, you should love it. I will work with you until we have a final product you like, and there is even some room for tweaking the resume if it’s not working in a couple of weeks. I would love to work with you and make your resume dreams a reality!

I also can also do cover letters. Not every job requires them, but they can give a brief description of who you are and what you are wanted out of their company. I can write one for a specific company or a general one that you’ll be able to use at more than one company.

I always try to deliver my products in both formats of DOCX and PDF. That way you can edit if you find a need to. Once the resume and cover letter go to you, you own them and I no longer have any sort of claim on them (unless I get your permission to use you as an example).

Better description?

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I checked out your gig. You really need an eye-catching gig cover image to grab people’s attention. I can’t help you financially. However, I’m kind of familiar with your position. You can use this gig image if you like to get you going:

It’s basic, but I think pretty decent for a freebie. Good luck!



:smiley: now that’s the Andy I know and love. ^^^


Much better, though I’d suggest leaving the bit about needing extra cash and being a single mother out entirely - it is not relevant for the buyer and distracts from your writing skills.

In your other forum post at Resumes for 2020 you said:

I an excellent resume writing (I wrote one on 1/3/2020 and by 1/7/2020 the consumer had seven interviews and was offered two of the jobs. I have several levels I can offer for my resumes, including cover letters and paying extra for a rush.

I’d suggest adding that! Examples are always good. You’ll need to fix the spelling/grammar mistakes before adding it to your profile though :wink:

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Thank you! I am really thankful for the help and tips you guys are giving me to me.


Please stop using that line about “I’m not looking for a hand out just a hand up”. That’s like saying I don’t want you to give me anything but if you give me something I can stop asking people for things. It’s trite, and it’s not exactly true.

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