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My Fiverr Gigs threads closed without warning? :/

I couldn’t actually find any support relating to the forum, so excuse me if this is in the wrong place?

First up I would like to know why my threads/discussions were closed, without warning or reason as I can’t find anywhere in the forum rules where it states you can’t bump your own thread?

Secondly if you can’t bump your own thread to promote your gig, what is the point of having My Fiverr Gigs on the forum in the first place, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the actual thread?

If you could kindly explain to me what I did wrong, so I don’t make the same mistake again, that would greatly be appreciated because I’m having a hard time trying to figure it out personally? :confused:

Bumping the post is something that happens quite often, especially in the My Fiverr gigs
section. Sometimes people will do it once or twice, but I have seen people do it way too often,
like everyday, for weeks. It’s not against the rule or anything as far as I know, but I think it
becomes a bit unfair for the other sellers who are trying to get some exposure. If everyone started doing the same thing, bumping their threads everyday, all at the same time, I think
things will get pretty messy. I would advice people not to bump it too much
because it kind of makes you look bad, at least in my opinion.

I have seen this thread last year, I can’t remember what the gig was though, but he/she had bumped the thread more than 50 times.
It was all bump :smiley: bump :smiley: bumpity-bump :smiley: Christmas bump :smiley:
New years bump :smiley: ( it really was like this) and it went on and on.
A veeeeeeeeeeery long line of the word “bump” with a :smiley: emoji. It did make me say geez…you are quite desperate. It even looked a bit creepy.
If you want to promote your gigs, I think using stuff like facebook and twitter would be better. You will get much more exposure. To be honest, I don’t think that many buyers go to that My Fiverr gigs section.

One more thing, I had one of my posts closed too without being notified which didn’t
really bug me, I assume the forum sheriff closed it since at one point the comments were starting to go off in a different direction, and maybe the sheriff thought it was best just to close it. I am guessing the sheriff closed your thread in order to prevent people from doing the same thing, and also give other sellers a chance.

Read this:

I concur with Zeus. You put your gig up, it’s not a magic wand that makes people flock to you (it may have some SEO benefits, but don’t quote me on that) and “bumping” it is about as valuable as a chocolate teapot. Speaking as an English woman and tea lover, it’s also annoying. Consider adding value to your bump with a short helpful article relevant to your gig. “bump” is useless, information is priceless. Plus it’ll set you apart. All a lot of work for at best a negligible increase in sales though. All in all, why bother when you can put that effort into your own website and charge your real prices?

emmaki said: Consider adding value to your bump with a short helpful article relevant to your gig.
I have seen some people who bumped their thread once a month or so, saying something like "I've edited my gig for the holiday season, new features available!" Of course you do have the option of just starting a new post, but I think this will work too. Personally, it looks much better than just bump :D bump :D bumpity-bump :D because this person put in the time to tell us why the thread has been bumped and why we should go check it out.

Also emmaki, this has nothing to do with this thread itself, but the expression

emmaki said: about as valuable as a chocolate teapot
is an interesting one, that's something new to me. I can never come up with stuff like that Does it really exist, or is it your original expression? Me being a non-native speaker and also lacking the skills to write, I get jealous when I see creative writing. And oh, I love chocolate too, maybe that's why it got my attention. :D

I hope you both enjoy the rest of your weekend

All fair points and I understand but to close ALL of my threads without a warning or any valid reason as to why I can’t do it, is a little unfair in my books, I thought it was all within the forum rules to do so, as I see plenty of other ppl that have been doing it far longer than I and all of their threads are still open, is it because they’re level sellers and make Fiverr more $ than I do? Only thing I can really think of? :confused:

Also if I can’t bump my existing threads am I allowed to make a new one everyday to promote the gigs because I really don’t see the point of having that discussion at all if all you can do is promote it once and watch it fall all the way back to the end of the board and stay out of sight, it really defeats the purpose of having that entire discussion if it’s sole intent is to promote gigs? :confused:

Just a side note, when I was doing it, my impressions and views sky rocketed and I probably got a few of those gigs solely because I was doing it, because every day for a few hrs at least all of my gigs were on the front page of the thread, so it definitely helps, imho :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx: yeah admittedly I did bump them once a day, just to get them on the main page for a few hrs, LOL :stuck_out_tongue:
So would once a week be OK or would that eventually end the same way you think?
Only ask because having to make a new thread for the same gig each time seems worse than bumping it imho, that would be deemed more “spammy” I would have thought? :confused:
Cheers for replying and answering my questions because I sent this to support and never heard back, LOL :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx: That’s why I thought it would be ok to bump your gigs in their, I saw so many others doing it I thought it was allowed and was the point of the whole thread, to promote your gigs, obviously I misinterpreted what it used for? :confused:

Reply to @r3k0d3d: Spam covered in steak sauce is still spam.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Even if there’s a thread specifically devoted to it? Makes sense… :confused:

Reply to @r3k0d3d: Edit: Giving up on helping a user who just wants to gripe.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Yeah I gave up as soon as soon as I realized it was another analogy, sorry, I don’t have time trying to decipher and figure out what your point is? However for sheer comedic value I give you an A+ for effort and think you should create gigs to help others with analogies and stand up comedy routines, there might be a niche for these and you could quite easily corner that market :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @r3k0d3d: The point is (@fonthaunt, please correct me if I’m wrong) that it’s not ok for one seller to hijack the complete front page of My Fiverr Gigs just for himself, time and time again, thus making it far more difficult for other sellers to promote their services.

Reply to @catwriter: That is right. It had already been stated plainly like that and the user continued to argue so I tried another way. I realize now I am wasting my effort.

Reply to @r3k0d3d:
Have you ever used social media sites like Reddit? They don’t let you spam even if there’s a subreddit dedicated to promotion, with even stricter moderators.

What is a spam? Something that looks spammy. Want to promote (i.e. satisfy yourself with some placebos) your gigs in the “My Fiverr Gigs” section each day but don’t want to be treated as a spammer? Bump your gigs one by one every 3-4 hours so we don’t need to see five of your digital head profile pics suddenly swamping and dominating the whole category. The key is to let it look less spammy.

Reply to @catwriter: Yeah I got fonthahunts point, as ludicrous as analogies go and I was really taking the fragglesrock, much like they were with me, so you know, stones in glass houses and such? Hence my :stuck_out_tongue: at the end of my post but I guess some ppl don’t take any notice of emoticons or know what they mean? :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway I’m over it, was just wondering why I seemed to be the exception to the rule when there’s a plethora of other ppl constantly doing it and far worse than I? :confused:

Reply to @fonthaunt: You’re not exactly helping me though are you? You’re just trying to be funny and get likes…