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My Fiverr Gigs was going down I don't know why this happened

Hello Dear Users,
My rating is 5, response rate 100% and also the completion rate is 100%. I was getting 5 to 10 orders a day. Due to my Profile picture my gig’s are going down, anybody help me please how i can recover my gigs on top page. Really this is very disappointed for me.
All clients are satisfied from me and gave me 100% Rating but I don’t know why this happened. Please gave good suggests how i can recover all.


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If you believe your profile picture is the problem, then you’ve already answered your own question. It affecting your gigs position in search is a ridiculous idea though, highly doubt that’s the case.

No one here can tell you exactly what Fiverr’s algorithm is, so we can’t help you. If you’ve really done nothing wrong then just carry on doing what you’re doing.