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I am a very skilled writer and am fairly new to fiverr. In the first couple of hours of posting my first gig, I got a buyer wanting to purchase it. I created another and instantly got a hit. Being new to fiverr doesn’t mean you cant make as much, or more, as a starter.Put quality first and you will get recommended, commented on, collected, and so much more. Also think about the originality of the gig, if it something general (I shouldn’t be talking because my first gig was Proofreading and it got many hits.) then MOST LIKELY it wont get as much buyers as the well known people. So don’t give up!

Check out my fiverr here

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But it says you’ve joined 10 months ago? :smiley:

If you did however achieve such success GZ! I’ve been here for around 9 months and haven’t made a single sale.

I did a re-design of my gig minutes ago I just hope to get 1 sale just to see what it’s like :smiley:


I joined about 10 months ago but didn’t really do anything and then went back and made some gigs.

Please stop spamming the forums with self-promotion. This belongs on My Fiverr Gigs.