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My fiverr has been restricted after verification error


Hi, i have opened a bank account today hoping that it will get linked on my fiverr, and so i have tried clicking the link bank, the verification pops out informing me to inpud the code that was sent to my mobile phone, but it took around 10 to 20 min the sms was seems to be delayed of some sort, and when i input the code, it had my account restricted and denied my gig, pls any help about my issue? i am new on fiverr and i was doing great with may 7th order, and its still on progress i fear that the order will be canceled because i cant message the buyer anymore. but the most fear that i have is my gig, is there any posibility that they’ll have it back active? i have already wrote a ticket and i am waiting for a reply. i am very down at the moment. this is very sad :sob::sob::sob::sob:


I don’t know if you can get this fixed, that’s up to Support. In the bright side, if it is just a mix-up they can give you permission to create a new account. Be sure to set up financial stuff and verify before you sell anything else with your current or new account. That way you don’t risk losing progress. The forum can’t offer more assistance than that but good luck.


thanks for the reply, yes its really very depressing that this happened, i really do hope customer support will look into it, and to add on that issue i have recieved a while ago 6 sms of verification code like heck how come i just had like 3x of error after waiting for the code to come. i dont know what happen it might be my mobile signal or something… but this kind of scenario is very frightening specially to new ones like me… i was having a great time doing my work and was excited to reap my hard earned loot. but this is unfortunate…