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My fiverr home page has been changed


my fiverr home page is looking like this. what can i do for making my home page as default.


That is the new default home page, tailored to what you’ve been looking at before. :slight_smile:


It happens here too but I guess when you refresh the tab it goes back to the default with the images and stuff. I only see it once in a while.


I have already try to remove it by log out my account but it still same


Mine seems to the ‘new’ one all the time, so there may be no way of changing it.


Go to your profile and click fiverr banner top left


…which takes you back to the new Fiverr home page, personalized for you based on your recent searches etc.


can not find any option like you said


I don’t know how but I see both homepage. Maybe you can try a different browser.