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My fiverr homepage text style changed is it fiverr update or bug?

Hello Everyone!

Recently i notice that my fiverr home page fronts style changed to bold & italike style. Is it fiverr update or bug? please help me to solved it. I already contact with fiverr CS & i also follow there instruction but there process didn’t solved my problem. I also clean my firefox browser histories & cookies (not work). I also uninstall my browser & re-install it still same as before. I also check on my other browser & there is also same thing showing.

Note : please check my screenshot & help me to solve it.

In My Firefox browser

In my google chrome browser

Now please help me to solve this problem.

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When this happens across multiple browsers, it’s not because of the cache/cookies, it’s most likely because of font corruption or other operating system issues.

Have you tried restarting the system?

Also, if you use Windows, you could use the Restore Point feature to restore your computer to the last date you knew everything worked fine. If you use OSX, I hope you had local Time Machine enabled or a backup at hand to restore to a previous date.

P.S. all the fonts look just fine on my end, so it’s definitely something not working right on your computer.


Thank You so much for your support @Woofy31

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Thank You so so much @Woofy31. I just restore my last update & the problems automatically solved. I’m very happy now. Thanks for your help.