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My Fiverr Horror Story. Very Important Tips For Sellers. [ARCHIVED]


So while back user Fragglesrock contacted me for my once upon a time very popular gig ********************


I am sorry this happened for you. I think your tips are well founded. Until I started losing my eyesight I was a photographer and I can tell you wannabe models are horrid to work with ( ckech out the model mayhem website to see and read the horor of what photographers go through). Anyway chin up, start marketing yourself to the hilt, you will need to find some new clients to get some new positive feedback. Good luck to you


Reply to @tn5rr2012:

Thanks for understanding. I do fiverr for fun and not money. So I see very little incentive to market it. Hopefully someone will see through and order my gigs.


Dear CreativePro…

I surely understand your story. Thank goodness, Fiverr gives Sellers a chance to express HERE, in a more private plus supportive way, the things we simply cannot say even to the worst types of Buyers.

Two things to keep in mind:

  1. We deal with the public, and as such, there will basically always be that one single “rotten apple” that tends or even ‘TRIES’ to spoil essentially EVERYTHING.

    Some buyers actually “insult” truly capable Sellers who deliver high quality work with due diligence and integrity. Yes, when that happens, it surely DOES seem like an “intentional plot” to get away with free service.

  2. What helps me in getting rid of such clients is basically “never” use the words “YOU” or “I” when you dismiss that buyer. A statement like “YOUR work sucks” is bound to hurt more than the same statement without he “your” in it.

    I use phrases like,

    "This gig does not claim to supply the details requested. Via a recommended mutual cancellation, another Seller may be able to provide them."

    Like you, I too originally started doing Fiverr gigs just for the fun of what I do. However, so many 'buyers came forward, that I realized there is some extra money to be made here, as well.

    In fact, in my next NEW post, I will be recommending a “Fiverr Seller Joint Venture,” which goes something like this…

    Let’s brainstorm and create a “level two” gig which requires both what you do and what I do. This way, we both can generate brand new clients and share the profit equally. Additionally, perhaps you already have gigs that can be complemented by my existing gigs, in the same way as above – an even two-way split.

    Does this sound like something worth discussing?


Fiverr gives me a chance to get a larger customer base and express my creativity. Without it I’m not sure what I would do. So ya I think Fiverr allows people to work as little or as much as they can handle.


The story is bad… But we can’t do anything because the rude behavior is recorded in inbox or order page… I try to behave with my customers and give them whatever they want… But unfortunately I have also faced over demanding customers…

I am also a buyer If I am not satisfied even after 2 revisions I just leave a positive feedback and go away…because the guy has worked for me…and I can’t overdemand for $5…


I have had too many problems too count. One issue I did have was when I did book cuctomers for a seller and she became too unbearble to work with. But the end result was she turned out to be a good client.


Thanks for sharing those tips…And the story… :slight_smile:


For me everyone is special -

*including the one armed 500 pound dwarf with a hairlip and one eye who speaks “alien” because they think they are from ZORK ( A planet that is on the oppositive side of the Sun with another EARTH)…who is striving to be a Movie Star

*fictitiously made up to make a point


Thank you for sharing. I totally agree. I myself propose politely to 2 clients myself to cancel the gigs if they feel my work is going nowhere. For creative gigs like mine, its very impt to me that I have the right connection with the client in order to finish up gig in a fast & synergistic way.


I understand your post. But as a buyer I asked to have a leaflet done. The seller sent it without any bold headings, all done in one size text, when I asked him to put them in bold for me , this was his response. Not sure I think any customer deserves this .

And there seems to be no where to complain on Fiverr about such blatantly rude response, really couldn’t believe it . Made me very wary to buy again


female first i hope you cancel the order a you have disrespected my work. if you think you can copy and paste such thing i would like to see it from you personally! but you have lack of respect for your sellers and i am not surprised to hear that from you .i never accept to work for such people . what i did is a flyer if you know what a flyer is then you know i did it right. you never told me to edit the text and put bold crap in it. you made this up. and also the only mistake i admit i did leave the subtitle which i honestly forget but i reject to work for such people like you . im a professional and you can check my reviews and see how people are satisfied. you look like you nag and brag alot and i refuse to do business with you and i will make a complaint to fiverr if you do not cancel the order and another buyer had a warning from the same thing he said when he disrespected me for a misley $4. go pay $400 for such flyers.good luck!so to avoid any warnings to your account i would like to cancel the order so hope you agree. bye!


Too much Fragglesrock!


Wow, psychoveda, I’m so sorry you received that sort of response! If you haven’t contacted Fiverr Support, I suggest doing so. No harm in asking if there is anything to be done.

Also, I hope you agreed to a cancellation. I would not want to work with a seller like that! Sometimes it can be hard to find that golden needle in a rotten haystack, but keep looking, and I’m sure you will find someone much more capable than that rude being. :wink: