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My fiverr id was flagged.and my gigs disappears

hi there!
my id was flagged today andd i am a level 2 sller
what now!
my gigs also disappears.
also my id is banned or blocked after this flagging .?

my main top selling gigs was denied!
what is this!

why flagged your Id?
and why blocked?

my brother was using my mobile and a clients want to cancel the order.
but unfortunately he mark the order completed!
he requested to send his account no. to refund his amount
thats the reason!

Hope you are okay … I can see your account is visible and your gigs are active.

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yeah! bt can you see the logo design gig there ? and vector tracing gig ?

yeah ! you are Logo design gig is there.

I can see “I will do professional logo design” and “I will convert any image into HD vector file”.
Both of those seem active.

But on my side the logo design and vector tracing gig is in denied gigs category ?

Verify your account fast and contact with help desk. You get a good result

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what you ment by verifying the id ?

Your identity. If fiverr want

You mean to say that i have received an email from fiverr support to identify my id?

Yes and your account needed fully verification of your government id card and selfi type pictures