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My fiverr is full of spam I´m so frustrated

Hi guys, I´m a fiverr member since April/18 and so far I´ve never sold any GIG. I´m a professional model, that work in collab with a great photographer. I have professional pictures on my Gig separate by different jobs that I can do, but I only receive weird messages. A lot of non- professional people with abusive content and willing to pay way less than I post on my packages. I thought this site was great, but I´m deeply disappointed and so frustrated. Can someone help me, please?
By the way, I don´t know how some girls have many reviews in such a short time…do they ask for friends or pay someone to do it? I´m starting to guess because it´s quite unfair.
I don´t want to close my account but I´m about to do it…please, tell me what can I do to start making money with it?


First of all, I’m sorry to hear that you are getting weird messages.
Seeing that you are a beautiful young lady, I can easily imagine you are getting
unwanted/unprofessional remarks from some creeps.

Since I don’t have any knowledge in the photography/model business I can’t say
for sure, and for someone who already has a career outside Fiverr this might
sound insulting, but perhaps your price is too high for a newbie?
Maybe you might want to lower your price until you get a few good reviews, and then
raise you price again.

Also, if you are a model I’m guessing you have some followers/fans on social media etc, don’t they know about your Fiverr gig? You might want to reach out to them.

Another thing you can try is message other people who have similar gigs and ask
how they got started. DO NOT beg of course, be as professional as possible otherwise
you will get the spam flag.

Finally, you are offering a gig to be a model, I’m sorry to say this but you will continue to
get creepy messages. it’s something you will need to get used to I’m afraid.


Thank you, Zeus!
This´s very kind of you try to help me out even when you’re not from the same business. Yes I was thinking about to lower the price but I think it´s already LOW for the quality we can deliver, do you know what I mean, right. I think that I need to keep the standards, anyway I´m still thinking how to figure it out…by the way, I´ve already asked some popular girls and they told me to lower the GIG and don´t do a bikini GIG, because that´s why I´m getting all those creepy messages…anyway I live in an Island and I love to do a bikini photoshoot, this´s one of my differentials that I can add here.

Thank you one more time, your comment was highly appreciated.

You are selling the beauty of your body, while some think you are selling the body. It’s always been like that with models… Corporate gig and professional model gig pics- you can do a lot better, just diffuse that light a bit, for The sake of God! :slight_smile: they don’t look as professional as those of a bikini and fitness gig.

Make a slideshow with your beat pics with you introducing yourself through narrative in the background. Just a thought.


Thank you, for trying to help me as well. But FYI as you mention here: “corporate gig and professional model gig pics- you can do a lot better, just diffuse that light a bit, for The sake of God hey don’t look as professional as those of a bikini and fitness gig.”

Actually, those pics were at a local magazine and they are seen by professional photographers as a great quality image. Sorry, but the bikini one was a little bit more amateur compared to the other ones. Please don´t get me wrong just clarifying.

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Hello miclouds,

First off, I am sorry about all the weird messages you seem to be getting. I really admire such people who, despite getting weird messages, are able to stay mentally and emotionally strong (I am usually a very sensitive person :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).

Yes, I totally understand what you mean (at least I think so :wink: ). But you gotta understand, Fiverr is like a huge market with so many sellers just like you.

Here’s a scenario for you. There are several sellers (just like you) who-

  1. are offering the same/very similar gig(s) as you,
  2. have no reviews on their Fiverr profile so far, and
  3. some of them offer the gig for a cheaper price

From the sellers who fall into the categories mentioned above, a prospective buyer is more inclined to place an order with that seller who is offering the same gig for a cheaper price. Sure, on rare occasions, there will be those sellers who are intrigued by your high prices and will contact you before possibly placing an order with you…

But, as harsh as it may sound, a majority of the buyers will not wanna put their trust and faith in a seller with no reviews/sales on Fiverr so far. You could be a very talented model with great potential to become a TRS seller on Fiverr in the near future… But that doesn’t really matter unless you can really prove your mettle to prospective clients by accruing excellent ratings and reviews on Fiverr.

As a new seller, in order to get orders, I think you might have to initially start at a lower price than average and then work your way up to your “goal price” (that you wanna charge) by gaining good ratings and reviews. This way, more customers will feel inclined to place an order with you.

My suggestion would be to do some pricing research and see how much the average gig price is among other new-sellers in your field and if you want, possibly alter your gig prices accordingly… :blush:

Here’s to wishing you the best!

AJ (hanshuber16).

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Ah, that does make sense, and true, offering a photo shoot in a bikini can help you stand out, but again, that will attract the creeps. Even if you were not offering any type of bathing suit photo shoots, I’m afraid you will still continue to get unwanted messages no matter what.
You can either delete the bikini gig or keep it, just be mentally prepared.
If you get a creepy message, just type “that’s now what I offer” and click the report button. You can also have a template message ready so all you’ll need to do is copy/paste.

I understand the price lowering part, but until you get your first few sales, you might want to lower it a bit. Again, I’m not trying to insult you by saying that, but for Fiverr I think it’s something a lot of people need to do at the start.


Thank you for your professionalism in explaining all those topics to me. I agree with you 100% but I also would like to say that I never received a proper buyer request, since April, it´s been only creepy requests and the majority with sexual content. This made me so sad, plus overwhelmed thinking where are the serious good people out there.
So apart from having my box messages full of spam and trash, I´m not getting any professional buyer request. What can be wrong? Can people see me when they research modeling?

Thank you one more time for being so straightforward and professional. Totally appreciate it.

Perfect :ok_hand: thank you one more time, I will do it!