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My Fiverr Journey - Started from the Bottom


Hi everyone,

New York Social here. This is gonna be a very lengthy read so please bear with me.

I’m writing this entry primarily for 2 things:

1.) To motivate myself and document my journey on Fiverr. I want to be able to see how I’m progressing every day, and this is a great way to keep track of things.

2.) Most importantly, I want to be able to HOPEFULLY inspire people just like me, who are struggling to get sales early on. Hopefully I succeed on Fiverr, and this will be a great reference to the newbies to just KEEP PUSHING and WORKING HARD.

Now that’s out of the way, let me introduce myself for a while…

I represent New York Social, a social media solutions service provider offering the best in YouTube views, Vine/Twitter/Instagram followers and many more! I’d love to call myself CEO, but for now, let’s just stick with NY Social – maybe when we start making sales, I’ll own up to my role as CEO, lol.

I know in my heart that I’m offering high quality services that can rival or even exceed some of the current social media solutions providers here on Fiverr. UNFORTUNATELY though, NO SALES. No one has yet to take a chance on any of my services. It’s kinda depressing because my team worked so hard in getting everything perfect for our business, yet we can’t make a sale. Not even one.

I would be lying if I said I’m not losing hope sometimes. There are times I wonder what I’m doing wrong or not doing right. I’m not getting the impressions, clicks, and views I’m expecting. Even when my gig gets viewed (just a few btw), they don’t place orders. It’s frustrating, in a way, but I understand that these are growing pains of a new seller on Fiverr.

My goal before March ends is to deliver at least 20 ORDERS. I feel that once a few buyers gives me a chance, and the positive feedback rolls in, I’ll be able to get more sales in the future. For now though, I’m eyeing my FIRST SALE within the week, and eventually 20 orders by March 31.

Will I reach my goal? Will someone take a chance on me? We’ll find out soon enough!

Thank you for reading the first entry of my Fiverr Journey. I aim to succeed here and to inspire people just like me. Hope you stick around for the next entry!

Till next time!

Best wishes,

New York Social


Thanks for sharing your story. I would find someone you know in the real world around you to be your first client. You have services that would benefit them. These sales will help you get started. It will take about 100 orders on each gig to get a gig off the ground. Good luck. You are right, having no sales attracts no new sales.


@newyorksocial Well, first of all, you have all the makings to be very successful here on Fiverr. Your English is excellent, along with your attitude, and the professional appearance of your gigs. Your gigs are unique as well, above the fray of other average gigs. So, you have the potential to fast-track it here. My tips are: Go to Buyers Requests. Getting the snowball rolling is all about leveling up, and that means orders. Level 1 at 10 orders, and level 2 at 50 orders. So, the way I did it was going to Buyers Requests under sales, and just bombarding requests daily. You get 10 submissions. Target the ones that fit your gigs. Look for ones that do not fit your gigs, and maybe create those gigs. Once you start getting orders, you will pick up one or two regular buyers that want to order in bulk. Make sure you break these down into individual orders to begin with. You can worry about custom orders later after you level up. Once you get to Level 2, which someone with your business acumen and enthusiasm can do in 30 to 60 days, then your visibility starts to skyrocket. You start showing up in the front pages under recommended and high rated. This is where the flood gates are. People are just pouring in here all the time, going with the first seller that matches and has good reviews. You won’t be able to keep up at this point. I am just a hack writer. I got some good reviews and leveled up, now I show up anywhere from 6th to 10th place in high rating. That means my gig is on the screen as soon as someone starts browsing that page. That’s huge! So, go get 'em tiger, you’re gonna be a star.


Reply to @webtelly: Hi! Thanks for your motivational speech! It sounds really good. I couldn’t express how desperately I want to earn $300-500 a month on Fiverr. I’m selling on Fiver for 3 weeks and it’s only 13 closed orders or $52. I hope God will help me to win this battle. Have a wonderful day! I wish you only the best! B-)


Reply to @webtelly:

Wow, thanks for the kind words web. Those are great tips that I’ll be trying to apply. I know that the first order is always the hard part. I’m gonna be taking advantage of the Buyer Requests page too. :slight_smile:

I’m really pumped. Although I checked my gigs stats for today, still no sales, views have increased, but still not getting enough impressions to make a difference. I’ll definitely work my way up. Oh, and congrats! I have a soft spot for writers; I started out weaving web content too. :smiley:

Thank you! I


Reply to @landongrace: Thanks for the tip! I think it would be great if I could have a client from outside of Fiverr, but then they’d have to make an account and all that.

I don’t really wanna game the system and buy reviews or whatever. I’m gonna be as patient as possible with this. I know my time will come. :slight_smile:



Impressions and views have SLIGHTLY increased since yesterday. Still not a single order, but I’m adding another service in a few hours (Instagram Followers and Likes).

I’m having trouble offering all my services since I have TONS, yet I’m restricted to only 7 gigs. I have Pinterest, Daily Motion, Vimeo, VK, Wiki Links, Social Media management, and many more services but I’m limited to 7.

My idea is to remove a few services that don’t convert (well, right now NONE are converting, but I’ll choose the lesser evil), and replace them with other services. I don’t have an idea with the demand of services like DailyMotion Views and VK Likes, Pinterest etc. but if they get SALES over my SoundCloud service for example, I might have to park my other service, until I increase my level. :slight_smile:

Will be doing some experimenting, and I’ll give another update!


I found that just getting that very first order (which I begged a friend to do for me) helped kick off, as well as hounding the buyer request pages. The first few weeks were the hardest (and most demoralising), but I also found changing the text around a little in the gig and adding new videos helped too. Once the ball gets rolling, you will be on fire :slight_smile:


Reply to @volodymyrpro7: Hi, I saw your gigs, with a body like that, you should be doing video reviews, modeling, gigs with the word “Russian,” and I guarantee that you will be making $300+ in no time.

I’m not telling you to delete your other gigs, just mix it up.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: I don’t have a camera. I’m also really shy. But thank you very much for your suggestions! :slight_smile:


Reply to @volodymyrpro7: My pleasure. Best of luck to you.



And then I woke up to an ORDER.


It’s a beautiful day! I hope this is what finally gets my service rolling!!!


I followed this thread like a novel that I couldn’t put down. What happened?!? How is business now? Hope you can update us!