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My Fiverr level 2 Account Hacked

Hi fiverr team

some body possibly ******* has hacked my fiverr account and posted abusive messages to all my clients .He also created useless orders from my fiverr balance .
Please help as soon as possible .My account is currently deactivated and i am not able to login .

my username is ************


Mod Note: Please don’t refer to countries in this way or name users on the forum.

I think you should open a ticket with customer support instead of posting here.

Sounds serious.


I am really panicking right now .i have raised issue with customer support as well.

This account is the sole butter and bread earner for all of my family . i used to login via facebook .

Hopefully somebody from fiverr will notice this asap and help me out .

As the other poster said, contact customer support.

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That’s good, because they’re the only ones who can help you.

We’re just sellers and buyers, nobody on the forum can do anything about your account.

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very sad news, As level 2 seller can sign in from anywhere so that might be happened.

Wait for fiverr response

It is very important to activate 2-factor authentication. Fiverr has authentication with SMS, so even if a hacker got the password, he/she won’t be able to login.

Will You please check try to use Forgot password and will you please change your email address password. And All the best , MAy God Save us all