My Fiverr level 2 Account Hacked


Hi fiverr team

some body possibly ******* has hacked my fiverr account and posted abusive messages to all my clients .He also created useless orders from my fiverr balance .
Please help as soon as possible .My account is currently deactivated and i am not able to login .

my username is ************


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I think you should open a ticket with customer support instead of posting here.

Sounds serious.


I am really panicking right now .i have raised issue with customer support as well.

This account is the sole butter and bread earner for all of my family . i used to login via facebook .

Hopefully somebody from fiverr will notice this asap and help me out .


As the other poster said, contact customer support.


That’s good, because they’re the only ones who can help you.

We’re just sellers and buyers, nobody on the forum can do anything about your account.


very sad news, As level 2 seller can sign in from anywhere so that might be happened.

Wait for fiverr response


It is very important to activate 2-factor authentication. Fiverr has authentication with SMS, so even if a hacker got the password, he/she won’t be able to login.


Will You please check try to use Forgot password and will you please change your email address password. And All the best , MAy God Save us all