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My fiverr Life

Hey, this is my story about fiverr. I’m member of fiverr since July 2014. But at that time I don’t know how to create gig or how to use Fiverr. But few months ago my friend told me try to start fiverr. That’s April of this year. Then I logged in my account. Amazing…!! My account was active that time…  Then I create my first gig properly. I mainly focused Graphic designs. I got my first order 22 April 2015. After nearly 1 month I got Level 1 seller.

Every day I modify my gig description or gig images. I always care about my fiverr account. I try to create that without any errors. So, I enjoy my fiverr life. I know I had little experience about fiver. I have to go long journey with fiverr. FIVERR IS MY LIFE

Good story you have :slight_smile:
For me it worked a bit differently …
I am a student so I needed money right? Also I live in Greece so you guess why making money is a real deal :smiley:
I was looking threw the web and I ended up in fiverr. I made an account just to test it… I don’t know why,but I just believed in fiverr and gave effort to it. I am in removing background bussiness and photoshoping so I had many "enemies’ :stuck_out_tongue:
So days were passing and no order… And then after a lot of months the first order came… It came from a man who became a friend of mine from UK . He made many 5$ orders and made me level 1 and then everything started to be better and better and better… :slight_smile:
I became better at what I did and my account get stronger and stronger… Now I have almost 200 revies with 100% feedback and I get money to pay bills! :slight_smile:
I am really happy here and I want more work so I would be better :slight_smile:
Thanks fiverr…
I wish you all the best kttchathuranga

you are lucky person ,you get sell , i am also your type but i am can’t sell i n fiver ,i am rely don’t no all off about fiver

I’m member since December 2014, but I didn’t have any sales for a half year. I got my first order at the end of May. Then I learned a lot from fiverr forum and now I have 9 sales, 1 missing to Level 1. :slight_smile: