My Fiverr My Office!


Wow we Could!! :)>- Just delivered my first gig. We are a small group of young boys. We are determined to work on freelance marketplace to keep away from conventional official job as a result we make a strong team of young guys. We choose fiverr for our final platform to go to our ultimate goal and finally we signed up with fiverr one month ago. But we did not find any order even after 32 days; we didn’t hopeless because we know that we have to wait and struggle to be on the track. Finally, we have a single order and just now we delivered the order. We are very optimistic that fiverr can help us to reach our final destination. Thanks fiverr to stand beside us. Expect advice from the experienced seller or buyer.



Best Of Luck


Good Job Guys! Hang in there and drive traffic to your gigs through social media and also using your own skills to make videos of your gigs and sharing them on all social platforms. We may be purchasing a gig from you soon :wink:


I second you there for keeping away from conventional jobs. Long live online freelance!


Thanks Mallika


Thanks for your advise @davidsherman:


Long live matisyahoo as well :x


Our new gigs: