My Fiverr Nightmare - From a US Veteran


Hello Fiverr Members,

Prior to now, Fiverr has treated me very well, however recently things have changed. This is my story…

I am a 60-year-old grandmother and U.S. Veteran who depends solely upon my Fiverr income to support myself. I’ve been a Level II Fiverr Seller for about three years now, have always offered Classified advertising as well as other marketing services and brought in a lot of revenue to Fiverr because of my popular promotional services. My classified gigs and other promotional gigs have raked in 3,436 orders over the years and Fiverr never had any issues with those gigs during all this time.

I offer honest marketing services and have always been dedicated to my customers and provide good customer service. Fortunately, the majority of my customers have been very satisfied with my services and have given me high ratings as reflected in my 5.0 and 99% ratings.

Now, however, since one of my customers went against Fiverr policy and filed a dispute with PayPal to get their money back instead of handling it internally via the Fiverr website as they are supposed to, Fiverr has frozen ALL my gigs and has removed them all from their search results. This has resulted in absolutely NO orders for me and I am very concerned because that’s my ONLY INCOME since I got laid off and broke my wrist.

Upon inquiring as to the reason for this, Fiverr support is giving me some repeated copy/paste story saying “Please note that the services you have offered on Fiverr is not in our editorial focus and guidelines. Your account has accumulated too many denied services which were not in accordance with our editorial guidelines and terms of service and for the safety of the community, your account does not appear in our search results.”

Oh really? For three years, my services have been just fine for Fiverr and now, because of what SOMEBODY ELSE did by filing a dispute with PayPal, Fiverr is penalizing ME by freezing all of my gigs! This is totally unfair! I delivered that disputed order a day ahead of time, created a banner as requested and posted that banner on two separate websites, as promised. I never heard anything back from the buyer about this order, no complaints or requests for modification… until now, THREE MONTHS LATER, when I was informed by a Fiverr representative of this PayPal dispute and asked to “discontinue my work”. It appears to me that customer was one of those abusers who gets the services from Fiverr gig sellers, then wants a refund as well. Very bad business on their part.

So why am I being blamed and penalized for something which is not my fault?? The “too many denied services” is a hogwash excuse. The 6 denied gigs from a long time ago are no big deal… I’ve deleted them, no problem. It certainly does not affect the “safety of the community”. If that were the case, then every Fiverr Seller who offers marketing services should also have their gigs frozen, like mine, but that’s not the case. There are hundreds of others classified ad posters and promotional services visible in the search results, if you take a look. So, because I am being singled out, isn’t this discrimination?

So, apparently because of the PayPal dispute, all my gigs have been taken out of the search results, not because of the previously stated reasons. My conscience is clear… I did MY work responsibly (banner creation and advertising) and because of some irresponsible buyer’s actions, Fiverr is making ME pay instead of the buyer who actually is the one at fault.

I temporarily suspended the gig in question (Banner Advertising) so it’s not visible to the public, but what about all my other classifieds and advertising gigs? Can’t those be put back into the search results?

I feel this is completely unfair, unjust and is no way to treat a long-time Fiverr member.

Don’t forget that it’s the members such as myself and other faithful Sellers and Buyers who have made Fiverr what it is today. Don’t brush us under the rug…

Unhappy, Hungry Fiverr Seller



Replied to you under your duplicate thread, FYI.


Thanks, Maddie :slight_smile: Me, too… on the other thread.

Take care and thanks again.

Carol :slight_smile:


this is why having fiverr as your only source of income is not the best deal


I think Fiverr fixed the problem, I just ordered a gig from you.

I don’t know what to tell you about preventing this problem in the future. All my gigs are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back. So if a buyer threatens a bad review, I refund the order. So far, it’s only a microscopic number of buyers that have written bad reviews (13 out of 1,500 orders with positive reviews in 1,100+ of those), and none of them asked for a revision or cancellation, so it’s really their fault.


which is why you need to have multiple accounts under different names and hidden computer links.

fastcopywriter said: I think Fiverr fixed the problem, I just ordered a gig from you

Her issue is that her Gigs were removed from search results.


Reply to @ricksper: Oh, that is a problem. But it might not be on purpose. When I search “book titles” I don’t always find my gig, instead I find a bunch of gigs that are not even related to book titles. With brand names and headlines and teespring I’m doing much better. I just worry that writers looking for book titles won’t be able to find me.


I understand the OP’s gripe, but Fiverr doesn’t guarantee that all or any of a sellers gigs will be included in search in the first place. I don’t know if that’s so they can claim ignorance (or some other excuse) about hosting gigs that may be perceived as against third party TOSs, or if they have other motivation. But the long and short of it is that they aren’t obliged to have any gigs searchable so I doubt there’s any recourse.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: True, except for this response from Fiverr


cj2012 said: …not in accordance with our editorial guidelines and terms of service and for the safety of the community, your account does not appear in our search results.”


Reply to @itsyourthing: Ah, but they can and do guarantee that sellers will not be included in search results.


Reply to @ricksper: That is truly terrible. I hope Fiverr changes their mind. I’d be horrified if the same happened to me. All my sales are from search results. Hardly anything comes from participating here.


Reply to @ricksper: true. They can do whatever they want. My curiosity (as far as it goes) is more about why would they exclude an account from search because it ‘breaks the Fiverr rules’ and yet the account is allowed to remain active and sales can still be made.

It reads like “We’re going to ignore you and pretend we don’t know you but we’ll still take our cut when you make sales”. Odd way to handle rule breakers, eh?


Reply to @fastcopywriter:

Thank God, the problem has been resolved and I’m back up and running again :slight_smile: The problem occurred during the upgrading period and perhaps was somehow caused by that.

My thanks to those who offered support through this trying ordeal for me… and a special thanks to FastCopyWriter, who not only ordered one of my gigs when I desperately needed the money, but also made me feel like I had value. THANK YOU!

Carol aka cj2012


Reply to @cj2012: You’re very sweet. I’m glad the problem was resolved.