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My fiverr pro request rejected ... what can i do

This the email I have received

what I can do now,…how can I apply again and when ?? … how to make my account approved


This is information you’d have to ask Customer Support, nobody here on the forum can answer the question. But the email they sent you is pretty clear - they’re not accepting right now, and they’ll let you know when they are.

In the meantime, just grow your business! You don’t need to be a Pro to be successful here! Good luck.


It is completely subjective, though if you have social media ‘brag’ accounts it seems to be heavily tilted towards that.

Long story short…

  • Top Rated Seller for years
  • Over $45k+ in gigs sold
  • Hundreds of 5 star reviews

Rejected from ‘Pro’ status…

However, You’re better than this place …because, it’s nothing more than a virtual garage sale, where you’re just a bottom dollar number to people who want your value for pennies.

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You do not need to apply again.

Read that again properly. They are saying that they have your application stored in their records, so you do not need to submit that again as they are not adding additional Pro Sellers right now.

That was my impression when I applied.