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My fiverr profile and my gig doesn't show up in the search results

My fiverr profile doesn’t show up in the search results. Usename: imsajid

My gig is also not showing up in the search results.
Link of gig:



Just because you have an active gig it does not mean that you will be shown on the front page or anywhere near that level.

You need to invest time and energy into your online success and force yourself to the front page!


But my profile is also not visible when I search my username in search bar

How can you solve that problem? I visit your profile. I find out that you complete 2 order. How you solve that matter??

Can you search my username in the search bar??? username: imsajid

Did you edited your gig? if yes, maybe thats the reason your gig is disapear, contact support they will live your gig as well. thanks

yes. when I search that way it shows my gig.

okay. Thanks for your suggestion.