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My Fiverr Profile is disable, how to enable my profile please help

My Fiverr Profile is disable, how to enable my profile please help


Can you please explain in more detail that how exactly you’re facing this issue.

With gratitude,

Why your profile got disabled ? have you violate TOC

Nobody on the forum can help you with this as we are just buyers and sellers. If you type “account disabled” in the search bar above there are numerous posts on the subject.

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When i am trying to login my account then, Error says “This account was disabled. If you feel this was done in error, please contact our support team”. :cry:

D’oh! That’s what you need to do contact [Customer Support]

As @lloydsolutions stated the users on this forum cannot help with disabled accounts.


Thanks Nikavoice, but what i writing here any content ?.

Your original post did say much.

How did you get yourself in this :cucumber: pickle?

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I can’t understand what are you saying ?.

Fiverr disables accounts when the account holder violates it. Not accusing you of anything, just sayin’.

Did you receive an email stating the reason why? Can you think of something that you unintentionally violated their ToS?

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Yes I received an email please wait.

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Yes, I have received this email :

Hi hafeez8888!

This message is to let you know that your Fiverr account was disabled by our system for violations of our Terms of Service and/or other policies.

Any available balance that remains in your account after 90 days, will be available for withdrawal pending account verification and approval by our team.

For more information, please review our Terms of Service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

We wish you best of luck moving forward.


The Fiverr team

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Hmm, so, did you read through the ToS and spotted anything that you’ve violated? It could be anything for i.e., spamming, outside contact, empty deliveries, multiple accounts etc. Usually, disabled accounts are toast :bread: bread.

May I ask what type of gigs were you offering?

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I am providing Graphic designing, pictures editing, voice over, animation, audio video editing and 3d modeling services.

My All clients on my profile and my profile blocked. I am a jobless person and spending full time here and earn only on fiverr. :cry:

This is my New Profile :

@hafeez8888, have you asked to CS the permission to open a new account?


No, I opened my New account with my New Email Address.

What about using original profile image that is yours?

@hafeez8888, this is the answer to most of our questions.

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