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My fiverr rank is not going up :(

okay it has been almost 1 and a half month since i have been on fiverr…and until now i have completed almost 34 orders…in which 11 of them have rated positive…and no negative rating …i have also attached my analytics page below…and still I HAVE NOT YET GOT PROMOTED TO LEVEL ONE …you guys have any idea why i haven’t got promoted to level one yet???

thank you

I have not got a clue, but I do notice that your cancellation rate is over 10% and your profile completeness is 60%. I do understand you might not want to link to your personal Google or Facebook account, but 60% means that you left other info out as well.

Other than that you have 23 orders that were not rated at all.

Maybe those things account for something as well?

yeah …but i didnt found those things you mentioned (other than cancellation ratio) affects the ranking…damn i need to get to lvl 1 so badly

okay the problem is solved i just contacted the CUSTOMER SUPPORT and after two days i was promoted to lvl 1

thank you

Well, Congrats! You even made it to level 2, meanwhile!