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My Fiverr Rant and Opinions

I have used Fiverr off and on for many years…back to when a $5 dollar gig was actually a five dollar gig.
Now that a logo costs more than $35 USD , I get that the old prices were poverty wages.
With the NOW increased dollar amount, I would expect that the value for cost would also increase.
Not so.
I am still getting lack of communication issues, not reading my notes or attachments and revisions taking days. Why? This is supposedly from a high rated designer? Does Fiverr not follow up with concerns and make their contractors accountable?
My conclusion…in this market, its value for service presented. Fiverr is getting out of control on costs for service and can’t back up the value with the cost increase. There are allot of independents on Upwork and other providers that will do the same work now for less.


$35 is still a bargain for a logo design and further from being a premium rate for a professional service.

Fiverr is a facilitator so you’re still getting independent providers here and they come in all shapes, prices and quality. It’s up to you to properly vet them.

But if you still feel that $35 for a logo is “getting out of control on costs” then I wholehearted recommend you go and have a look at the other providers you mentioned.

Good luck


Can you backup that affirmation?

This is not the place to advertise your services, but if you choose to, you could still do without bad mouthing other sellers that are likely more successful than you at the moment.

Are you bragging about working 3 hours for $4?


In this case, go use Upwork.


What? No.

Charging more makes you lazy, therefore you should look for sellers who drastically undervalue and exploit themselves? Seriously?


Just share your gig link to promote yourself rather than being disrespectful to the high quality, proven sellers that are here.


Sellers are well within their rights to charge the intersection of what their prices are worth, and what their target customers are willing to pay. Value is a far more complex concept than what you seem to view it as, and it can – and should be – measured differently depending upon a wide variety of factors. Just because there is a variety of values and prices here on Fiverr, does not mean “Fiverr is getting out of control on costs”.

If one seller is too expensive for you, you are able, capable, and encouraged to find a lower price. That is the nature of a free market – which Fiverr was designed to be.


You would probably say that paying more than 100USD for a desktop application is too much aswell, but you who don’t appreciate someone’s work and time they invest into the things they do are better off looking for those who charge less and have little no understanding for things they do, or in best case scenario copy paste someones work ( assuming that copied work is a good practice ).

I’m not saying everyone who charges more is better, my point is that some things shouldn’t be low priced.


And pricing well and performing well are not mutually exclusive things.

It’s absurd, the suggestion that if you pay decently will get shoddy work, am I right? :rofl:

Yeah, but world is strange and you would be surprised how many people get by on someone else’s back.

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getting an actual, original and usable logo designed and made, with full right and all source file within 24 hours for $5 is like buying a new, shiny ferrari for a tenner. that’s why i’m here, i like ten quid ferraris

i recently had an awesome studio logo made for $15. i knew the seller doesn’t speak good english, and i don’t speak a word of his language, so i made a very rough mockup of what i wanted, made another copy with notes, and sent them both with as clear a description as i could, which he thanked me for, then he made me the best logo i could ever hope for in about three days, most of which was me taking ages to ask for revisions, which he delivered every time. i ordered the premium gig. the same seller does $5, 24 hour gigs. i’m nt going to give you his name though, because i like him. (though if he’s reading this, you’re greatly underselling yourself)

I think most of people in the forum will disagree with your opinion. Fiverr doesn’t get “out of control”, they are moving with the market changes and demands, they are trying to upscale, bring more professionals to their platform and create good environment for pro sellers and higher prices which are real market prices.

You still can find cheap 5$ gigs, more than that sometimes we see people here trying to offer their services for free.

Fiverr is an international platform and for some sellers it’s ok to charge 5$ because 5$ in their country will go a long way, where for some sellers like in the UK or US 5$ wouldn’t even pay for your tube to work, I’m not even talking about lunch.

You are still getting a pretty good deal from fiverr. I know you got used to getting cheap labor over this years but I hope it will change soon because no one should be exploit like that just because they are freelancing and trying to survive on their own instead of working for a company.


Thankfully the concept of Fiverr has moved on from its early days. It is now a serious business platform enabling talented sellers to earn a living.

So on that basis, a serious business would not charge $5 for a logo. In fact you could argue that a serious business would charge far more than $35 for a logo. This means as a buyer you are still getting exceedingly good value for your money.

But that’s the beauty of Fiverr. You have choice.

You talk about contractors not being accountable. That’s the whole point of feedback - it makes sellers accountable.

Good sellers will have consistently high feedback. Poor sellers won’t. It’s up to the buyer to do their research, communicate with their potential seller, and then make an informed choice about who to work with.

Should anything go wrong, the buyer and seller should have a discussion just as they would in an offline situation in a shop for example. If that doesn’t resolve any dispute, customer support is in place to assist.

As for Fiverr ‘getting out of control on costs’. It’s a business platform. The market responds to supply and demand taking into account the skills of the seller and the amount the buyer is prepared to pay. You are in control.

We are all entitled to our opinions, but I think it’s fair enough to say I don’t agree with you.