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My Fiverr Revenue Card has been Blocked


Hello All Fiverr Community member,
I have a problem in my account. Last 6 month ago I have order a fiverr revenue card on fiverr platform and 2 days later Payoneer customer support ask to give him my Id card but this time I don;t have any Id card, So I give him My Birth Certificates then Payoneer Cs blocked My Fiverr revenue card option. Now how to unlock my Fiverr Revenue card option.

NB: Please this picture and tell me How to fix it?


error notification says " please contact customer support " so don’t worry . contact fiverr cs :sunny:


Fiverr or Payoneer Which CS?


contact fiverr cs bro :slight_smile: , i think they will help.


I already contact Fiverr Cs But they are Suggest Payoneer CS


so ,why you not contact payoneer cs :thinking:


You should use new payoneer account and card.


You have to contact Payoneer. It’s not fiverr issue. You must have to verify Payonner. If you don’t have ID card you have to provide passport or driving license.


If he is a student and have not any passport or driving license, what will he do? If he open a new payoneer account using his parents I’d card then he can add to fiverr. Is there any problem?


Student’s can issue a passport. You can use your parent’s id if you are under 18. It’s a Payoneer related issue, to find best answer post on Payoneer forum. I found a thread that may help.


@wp_kid thanks for reply. @aftadul I think now it’s clear to you.


Yes Brother :+1::+1::+1::+1:


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