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My “Fiverr’s Choice” Experience

There are many mysteries on Fiverr, most of which, over time and experience you figure out. So I am hopefully adding to the mystery about Fiverr’s Choice.

Over the last week, the Fiverr’s Choice badge has appeared on my gig. It’s natural for buyers to click and see why your gig would be a Fiverr’s Choice.

If they like what they see, they can certainly move forward and place an order. Here is what I am finding out:

You need to have your processes tight. You should have protocols in place that help you with each order. Not just Fiverr’s Choice but any order. If you get a flurry of orders, how do you keep them straight? What are your policies? How do you handle a challenging order/ buyer?

Once an order has been placed from your Fiverr’s Choice gig, a blue notification bar will appear at the top of the order. It’s says something like, “your buyer ordered your gig as a Fiverr’s Choice. Deliver outstanding work to be Fiverr’s Choice Again”

The notification also shows up on your dashboard orders. So at a glance you can see your FC orders.

Here’s the thing, you need to treat ALL ORDERS as a Fiverr’s Choice order. Even though it’s amazing and exciting, the goal should be to treat all buyers equally and with Red Carpet service. Not to say you should let anyone take advantage of you, but knowing your protocols will give you the confidence that you don’t have to think about who is a FC and who is not. I actually think it’s a brilliant way that Fiverr can hold sellers accountable and be wonderful to them at the same time.

I am not sure how long this will be a badge on my profile but what I do know is that when it’s served up to me on a silver plater, I know how to get the crystal goblets out to compliment the service.

That’s all for now.


very congratulations dear. I really want this badge and a rising talent badge on my gig and for this struggling hard. InshaAllah I will receive soon.

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And of course another lovely voice professional is now enjoying the Fiverrs Choice badge. What will be interesting is if the Fiverr‘s choice buyers have a good experience if I will continue to be in the rotation. I will keep everyone posted.

Congratulations to getting FC. Have a lot of different to getting order? Genaral vs FC…

The answer is yes! It was a mix of regular orders and Fiverr’s Choice. It definitely increased orders while the badge was on my gig. All the buyers were wonderful and it was fun whirlwind! I will let you know if it comes around again. I know you have to do an excellent job to get more.

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This is great. Thanks for the tip and kudos on getting the badge!

We all need to have workflows in place for certain circumstances. Otherwise it will be a project management nightmare, which adds time to our work and ultimately means we earn less.

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Interesting update: although the Fiverr’s Choice badge doesn’t appear to be on my profile, I am still getting a few orders that are from Fiverr’s Choice. It’s possible that when I look the label is not there but could show up at other times or even if a buyer clicks and saves your profile and later places an order, the Fiverr’s Choice still is part of the order algorithm similar to an affiliate link. Either way it’s a good thing. It also tells me that the order cycle may be a bit longer for some new buyers who take their time deciding.

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It’s super weird. Your badge is probably still showing but not with all keywords (when you do a search).
That’s what happens in my case. It shows with “voiceover” but not with “voice over”. So I’m guessing that’s why some orders are Fiverr’s Choice and others are regular :woman_shrugging:t2: