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My fiverr shows Withdrawal Completed Successfully but my payoneer has no balance

My fiverr shows Withdrawal Completed Successfully but my payoneer account has no balance. Your answer will be appreciated.

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I f you chose ‘standard load’ it can take about 3 days to get from Fiverr to Payoneer.


No, i just upload a document to payoneer and after that i didn’t get any feedback.

Sorry - I have no idea how that relates to your original question I’m afraid.

Maybe ask Payoneer support?

When you will withdraw from Fiverr to your Payoneer you will get e-mail from Payoneer for chose the payment process method. If you didn’t get any email like this.
Maybe you have to active & verify your Payoneer account before use.
If you did it already you can contact with Payoneer.


yes, after withdraw from fiverr, payoneer just sended me an email of upload document, i upload it and now i did not get any email from them.

Maybe they gave you specific time for review your documents. You can wait for their reply.

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They didn’t mention specific time but said that we will contact you in future.

My account on the first day told me error but the money was sent successfully to payoneer. Contact customer support of both the parties, fiverr and payoneer.

Please recheck if you’ve connected the accounts successfully. You’ll get solutions I hope.

The transactions ocuhred in my case - IN SECONDS!! TOO fast.

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thankyou for guiding me