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My Fiverr site language just turned into Spanish?

Help! I just signed into fiverr and everything is written in Spanish. How do I get it back to English? This never happened before and I can’t read Spanish lol. I can’t even figure out what the FAQ or anything says!

I also posted this in Seller tips in error.

Is this still happening?

I got the solution from another person:

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page on main site and choose english from the language selection box! - See more at:

Freakin liberals want us all to speak Spanish!!

Look at the very bottom left corner of the page and see if the language dropdown has changed. It has been happening to people on and off where it just changes on and off. Also, if you write a post in the wrong forum in error, you can click “Edit” on the post and move it to another part of the forum.

Easy, just type “” into your browser. The only difference between the English site and the Spanish one is how it’s typed in your browser.

The site pulled up on your end was: :slight_smile:

not only is this stupid thing happening often. Now my new gig is in freaking spanish and i dont know how to change the stupid thing! jesus give me a break!