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My Fiverr Skill Test Experience

Hi guys, I took the Fiverr Skill test today. First of all, I think the questions are not so good. I don’t think they were structured properly. Does anyone else feel the same?


Looks like I need to attend a skill test. I haven’t done any

I think exactly like you, but as there are so many jobs on Fiverr, it will be really hard to correct all the tests and make them completely perfect. Here is my recent reply to the original tests topic:


I’m glad its not compulsory at least for now.

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Hi insect, sorry to say there’s no way Fiverr can improve, correct or debug anything concerning the tests, as they aren’t developed by Fiverr itself but by Expert Rating.

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True. But I think this will ultimately affect gig views and impression if Fiverr uses your test results as an algorithm to display search results.

Funny, it seems everything is used as an algorithm even our profile pictures. Have you taken the test?

Yeah, I did. I’ll tell anyone to think twice before taking the test.


I thought about it, before I take any test or examination I usually study very hard, so the questions become pretty easy but for fiverr test I cant see any materials to study for it. we could as well call it a blind Test :grin:

Yes, you can read my in-depth review of my experience, which was awful to say the least! :expressionless:


I took the Photoshop Test and it was fine got 8.8/10 :grinning:


I haven’t done any skill test.

Well-done, way too go.

Try to answer them the best of your knowledge. What matters is your ability to give them the ability that you know how to throw yourself on the water.

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For preparation Fiverr test go for ExpertRating and take course and pass the test there then Try here on at Fiverr that will be 100%


Great tip. I will look into this. Thanks.

I have just done WordPress 4.1 skill test. Questions were pretty easy and straight forward. I am thinking now to take:

  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • PHP 7.1

how i can take a fiverr skills test. what is the link

Failed in HTML5 test. Outdated, boring questions.

Why fiverr is not serious about tests?

They should als decrease the time period after which we can re attempt test.