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My Fiverr Story: How to rise from a fall

Hello my fellow fiverrs, my name is Fabio and this is my story about how Fiverr is changing my life.

Back to 2014, I was diagnosed with a strong form of IBS, which has (and still is) limiting me from having a good social life, and most importantly a job. At that time I was working part time as a personal trainer and as a librarian, so I could say that I was working full time. Unfortunately IBS had a major role in these jobs, since it hindered me from working all day, and in the end I got fired. Needless to say, I was disheartened.

I spent the next two years in looking for a cure or, at least, a way to relieve the pain, so I could have been able to find another job. Luckily my girlfriend never left me, and most importantly she always supported me in every way. Fast forward to january 2017. While I was surfing the net I found there could be a treatment for my syndrome, a transplant called FMT. Unfortunately it is not cheap, it’s not performed on my country, and it lasts two weeks. So I had to find a way to collect enough money to pay the transplant + the expenses to travel from Italy to England + the accomodation (and food) for two weeks.

February has been the turning point for me: I found FIVERR. I must admit that my rise has been quite slow in the past months, and I didn’t earn much until july… But since then I quickly made around 600$ and reached level 2. I love to help other people achieving their goals, and I’ve never let down a single buyer… In fact I got 100% satisfaction rate from by buyers! But, most importantly, I’m doing what I love… translating!

It is still a long way to go, I still need to do 10 times more of what I’ve done till now, but I’m not losing faith in myself!

My rise has just begun!


So motivational (20 CHARS)

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I wish you all the best. Me too have circumstances that prevent me from going outside my bedroom, Fiverr really help. Thank you, Fiverr.


Thanks for sharing this inspirational story. Best wishes for your continued success! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s the spirit! I love your positive attitude. That will make you go a long way on Fiverr!

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I wish you much success on Fiverr!!!