My Fiverr Story: Road to Having Macbook Pro! Just Begin!


I’m 24 years old programmer! Just joined Fiverr 24 days ago. And I can’t believe it, what I’ve got here! :open_mouth:

Well, this is my story.

I just had dream to have Macbook Pro (lets call it “MBP”).

One day, as a web programmer, I find my self in a condition that I don’t much time to work at home. Lots of my time wasted outside my working room. I got to meet client, and show them my works. When I drink coffee, I need to do programming, but I don’t have that device called “laptop”. I already have a “netbook”. But the performance is sucks. Yeah, price is not lie! So, I decide to choose MBP. Why? Because I need a stable laptop, high performance, and easy to bring with me everywhere.

But the problem is don’t have enough money. I will not able to buy this, just by saving from my salary. Yeah that’s the fact! So, I have to do something extra, to get extra cash, to buy it! In that moment, a single word just came over into my head, the word is “Fiverr”.

Well, then I decide to try my luck. Just register, and pick simple-but-catchy name “phphero”. Bacause I am a php programmer. Then, create a simple gig. Write php code for $5. All done. Now wait!

After 3 days in waiting, no order at all. Well, then suddenly at day 4, I got BUZZ. Got new email “Cangrats! You just got an order from ******”. Waw, I got amazed! Lol :smiley:

That’s the first order!

Then after that, day by day, I always got order, new messages coming, new buyers prospect, new conversations.

Waw, I just so happy, now I got extra cash for saving. Road to having my MBP! :smiley:

By now, I have collected almost 20-25% cash of the MBP price. And I really shock! It’s not fully a month yet, but the income progress is seems great!

My point is : "Fiverr is a great tools! I’ve try another freelance service but got no luck there. Only here in fiverr. I found a place that can express my skill and ability to help people in my extra time."

My journey just begin. But the most important thing is : now I’m very optimistic about achieve my dream. Yeah! :slight_smile:

Will be continued…

(Thanks for your reading time)



same story bro…which one you planing to buy ?

good luck :slight_smile:



Looking forward to your updates and am sure you’ll reach your target sooner than you think


Amazing! You will soon become level 1 and then level 2. That way you’ll earn even more out of your gigs. On Fiverr, income only grows!


:slight_smile: you will get macbook pro soon ^^ i got one ^^ keep doing great job!!!


Great job phphero! You must be doing something right since you keep getting orders :slight_smile:


Very nice! Your computer will be a nice reward!


Good luck! I’ve found my macbook to be an excellent investment. I’m sure you’ll find the same :slight_smile:


Reply to @alexgreene: waw cool!


Reply to @arnevb: I, myself, have one, but I haven’t bought it because it’s cool (although I have to admit it’s actually really awesome) - I bought it because of the Mac operating system. I’ve tested this OS before on a PC using a hackintosh version, and I loved it - however, being a hackintosh operating system I had to constantly fix or find kext drivers, couldn’t update the OS, and so on.

But now, since I have the MBP, I can’t get enough of the time spent on this amazing operating system - can’t believe I had lost so much time of my life using Windows… MacOS is a far superior experience for me!

So no, I don’t need the latest video card or cpu, nor a ton of ram memory - I just need a highly stable operating system on a stable machine, and MBP + MacOS has offered me exactly what I need: amazing stability, great performance, and a really great time using it!

So I wish you all the good luck, @phphero, and may your MBP come sooner than expected - I feel your wish, because I was exactly in your shoes a while ago! :smiley:


Reply to @arnevb: I don’t know… but it just look cool… :slight_smile: No, the true reason, is because I simply love the macbook pro.


What a nice story!! Very happy for you, … Hope you get your MBP soon… !! ^^

ps: I love my MBP too, once I was going to sell it because short of money, but now I’m using it to make money, it feels great!! ^


Reply to @Woofy31: Thanks man!


Reply to @phphero: Just don’t lose hope, because a lot of new members lose hope if they don’t see orders coming at a regular rate :wink: And always be friendly and communicative with your buyers, they really like it when they see your human side :slight_smile:

Woofy31 said: I, myself, have one, but I haven't bought it because it's cool (although I have to admit it's actually really awesome) - I bought it because of the Mac operating system. I've tested this OS before on a PC using a hackintosh version, and I loved it - however, being a hackintosh operating system I had to constantly fix or find kext drivers, couldn't update the OS, and so on.

Another hackintosh! Thank god I'm not only one who loves Mac because of its operating system and not because it's expensive.
@OP, CONGRATULATIONS! You will hit your goal very soon.


#Update : Currently my earning hit “50%” of its price… :smiley:


I love my macbook because when my girlfriend’s windows laptop randomly shuts down in the middle of something to do some random update, my macbook keep chugging happily along and only restarts when I tell it to. I like it when my computers do what I want and not the other way around. Good luck getting to your goal!


I hate Mac :stuck_out_tongue: Congrats bro!


Hi all, just wanna give an update. Here is my photo with my new macbookpro :slight_smile:


Reply to @phphero: Thanks to Fiverr!