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Hello –

I am currently nineteen years old and originally from overseas. I currently live in the United States, trying to earn my degree in Communication. I face many hardships as the expenses for education here is high. I found two jobs that helped me earn some money (tutoring kids & child day care), and yet, the money I was making was barely enough to keep my going. Therefore, I decided to search online for other ways to make some money, and that is how I was introduced to Fiverr.

I joined Fiverr about three months ago and posted a gig for writing essays, as it is something I enjoy to do in my free time. Within three months, I made over $1,400. I was able to use this money a few days ago to pay for my tuition this upcoming semester.

I am so blessed to have found Fiverr, and will continue to provide my services to those who need it. Because I understand the value of money, I often work with my buyers to agree on a fair price that will work for the both of us.

Thank you for allowing me to fulfill my dreams of receiving an education,



Wow! So what career are you planning take up after you graduate? :slight_smile:


what sinful hell hole of a place do you come from that does not allow higher education for women?!


@oldbittygrandma: Thank you very much!

@magiswork: Thank you! I would like to work as a representative of different companies.

@wisdom_tree: I realized the way I wrote that sentence wasn’t great. It’s hard to explain. Women are allowed to go to college, but it’s looked down upon and is not encouraged by the surrounding community.


Reply to @hajajasm: Good luck! :slight_smile:


Well done! You’ll be earning more than just 1,400 :slight_smile:


That’s awesome!


Awesome story! Thanks for sharing.

I Agree that college is expensive :x


Nice story!


That’s a wonderful story. It sounds like you’re also getting a real world education in entrepreneurship. Congratulations on your success.


Thank you for the kind comments. I wish you all the best.


Reply to @hajajasm: Keep up the good work.