My fiverr success suddenly stopped


I’ve been on fiverr for a year now but my sales started to kick off about four months ago, I was so surprised and happy because for about two months in a row there were orders and messages and people interested in my work and I was working full time on Fiverr and less everywhere else. But then when January came, the activity dropped and I just blamed it on the beginning of the new year, everyone’s just still partying somewhere etc. People were still ordering but less. And I had a couple of bad clients who unfortunately made me cancel the orders for different reasons. And as it works here, it doesn’t matter if the fault is not mine, I’m still the one who suffers and who’s stats are decreasing.
Anyway, the order completion percentage dropped below 90% and I lost my level one seller badge, but still after that people were ordering for a moment and then suddenly nothing. For the last three weeks not a single order or anyone even closely interested in what I have to offer. I’ve changed the price to a lower one, updated my information and opened new gigs but not a single soul has wandered even close.

What could be the problem here? I’m just out of guesses and I’m sure there are many similar stories.

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ooooohhhhh,very bad ,according to my suggestion you must try try again…goodluck


Thanks, I’m not giving up and I’ll do my best to climb back there, but still it’s a bit of a pain not knowing WHYY


From what I see your prices are too high even for a Leveled seller, i.e. $50 for basic package in your logo gig seems a bit too much, even Top Rated Sellers set much lower prices. Try decreasing your prices until you are a Level 2 seller and your gigs start showing up more in search results, and increase your prices gradually.


Have you tried marketing and promoting your gig elsewhere – to the target customers that need the services you offer? That would be an excellent way to gain some more sales. :wink:


It happens to all the sellers, optimize your gigs by changing images and content.


as your conversation is good with the buyers…


Hi Santagrinina :slight_smile: Your gigs are very impressive… It attract buyers for sure :slight_smile:
Yes I felt the same way… before few months I had good sales in some gigs… but suddenly it dropped… Anyway keep faith… Try to make a different gig… I did that… and running by that these days… Share your gig every where you can… send all the 10 offers for the day… Someday someone will come… Trust yourself…

Good luck :slight_smile:


Flatio, thanks for the suggestion, but the prices weren’t a problem before. I’m not against lowering prices but from what I’ve noticed, people who really care about quality does not have any issues paying a bit higher as well.


Thanks, jonbaas, I’m thinking of doing that now, I will try and promote my gig a bit more. I always had the problem with pushing my service to people, spamming and all, but I just need to step over myself, I know :slight_smile:


Thanks, anjaleelive1, I am not losing my faith, just a bit overwhelmed, but I’m sure everything will work out :slight_smile: freelance work is always full with surprises.


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: True :slight_smile: Great :slight_smile: Good luck!


Many of us noticed this. I have no idea why it happened. I have half my usual number of orders since the past three weeks.


Hi, listen before you read the follow i will tell you to not lose faith. i had some bad times on fiverr , not because of the company or the system. but because of me. i had a lot of online projects that took my time and i always forget to active vacation mode. and i got a lot of cancellations, from lvl 2 to lvl 1 to no lvl and i still get orders and i know that after 2 months i will get back my lvl 2 badge because i believe in my skills. and by the way i still get orders even without badge ( atleast 1 per day ) , keep working and you will be just fine.


Yes, I’ve actually noticed that other designers are lowering their prices as well so I reckon they are having the same struggle. I wonder if that is something bigger than just a bad period. I hope not though and everything will be fine and the whole freelance world will not fall apart.


Thank you! I have all the faith in myself and I do believe and hope that this is just a bad moment. But anyway, it is a bit weird that it can change like that seemingly out of nowhere here. And I’m afraid that it is not because of the badge, because like I said, for a while after losing the level 1 seller badge, I still got orders and it abrupted very suddenly.


Right. Me too. Suddenly Impression and Order slow down :frowning:


This happened to me too dropped from 5 orders a day to 1 every 5 days or so. I also went from 300 views per day on my gig to 20 and many days 0. Again it is the level demotion, it started when they were doing the changes on the 15th of January. Yesterday I put my lowest tier back down to $5 to try and get a spike in sales and hopefully move back up the rankings then I will slowly raise them again. It is ironic that I need to do this because fiverr contacted me and suggested because my gig was going so well that I raise the price. I got 1 order last night so not sure if it is a fluke or lowering price is working but fingers crossed and I think by the 15th of next month if all goes well I will get my level status back from nothing and upgrade to level 2.


Can you go into this in more depth? I have never changed my gig video or description because it was working what exactly would you recommend?

Thanks in advance!


Exactly Same Story here !!!

Dont worry after your rate goes up orders will increase
in my case same condition you have was featured on fiverr from last 4-5 months then in january and feb my 5 orders cancelled some where mistakenly placed and some due to bad buyers

and now my featured status is gone no sale from last 20 days
waiting for my rating to go up after that i will be back in action and strive for TRS again
never give up