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My Fiverr theme is changed, What's happening with me


Hey There,
I have recently installed window 7 Professional on my laptop.
& when i open my fiverr account its all changed.
Here i’m attaching screenshoots
Can anyone tell me what’s happening there?


This is new front-end style of Fiverr :slight_smile: I like it very much.


Zoom out your browser.


Yes its awesome. But why its just showing on my laptop?
My other friends that are using Fiverr seeing previous theme. :thinking:


As it is new and it takes time to everyone will have same theme.


OMG. Its working :joy:


yaaa… Lol :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Btw, I did not find available now feature in this theme :slight_smile:


My Browser was zoomed in that’s why its showing to me like this.
@Nasimafb Helped me.
Thank You @Nasimafb


i zoomed out my browser, now i can see available now feature.


They update their grid system. Now Tablet user and mini screen laptop user will also have a different view from the tablet like mobile web users. So, When you resize your browser it will get a different shape for giving you best user experience. :grinning:


Yeap. This style is better for tablets :slight_smile: