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My Fiverr YouTube Channel

Fiverr has given me an opportunity to make my dreams come true. I started out in 2013 doing high volume, as everyone does here, to meet clients and generate new ideas. In the 2.5 years that I have been here I have created hundreds of songs and have had some great paying gigs making videos for some of those songs. I have featured my best ones on a Youtube channel you can see here:

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The highlight of the 2015 season was that I won a “Pixie Award” for my work on “The Broward Switcheroo” after my Fiverr client submitted the video I created to the American Pixel Academy. I won an award in the visual effects category!! And so, now, the sky’s the limit and I am working hard to upgrade the equipment I need to up the game.

Check out my channel and come to me if you are looking for something unique, in a fun style, to transmit your message!