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My Fiverrith Anniversary!

April 2021 marks my fifth anniversary (my Fiverrith) on Fiverr.

What have I learned? Good question.

Here are a few things that stand out for me…

  1. They Don’t Always Mean It

I’ve had some amazing clients I’ve written blogs/articles for. Many of them have said to me that they “have another order ready” or “I’m going to keep you busy with a lot of work, so don’t fill your schedule.” Lucky for me, I’ve heard these things before and I can tell you with a fair deal of accuracy that MAYBE 5% of the time this is true.

  1. It Is Far From Easy

I spent my first year on Fiverr without a single order. I also didn’t quite understand how Fiverr worked, so I became a Buyer. I placed a few orders and was happy with the results. I gave up on being a Seller until one day I created a new Gig related to a skill I have. Soon, orders started to come in. My second/third year here was incredible. But it took time and effort to build my freelance business.

  1. Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

What made my freelance career a success was using Fiverr as just one of many sources of freelance income. I could never rely on it for a full-time income, but it does fine as a part-time stream. I have always followed a business model of multiple streams of income and that works because if one slows down, the others should still carry you.

  1. Be Nice To The People Who Help You

This can be a regular customer, a good friend, a family member, Fiverr CS, someone who shares an incredible piece of advice on the Fiverr Forum, etc. Many of these people are just being themselves and if they happen to share a nugget of wisdom to you that causes you to have an “a-ha” moment, then that person is someone you need to keep in your circle. You also have to show your appreciation of that person as best you can.

  1. Fiverr Isn’t Perfect

I’ve tried other freelance platforms. Fiverr is far from perfect, but it probably wasn’t originally designed to be. But for what I use it for, it is perfect for me. I like how it works, has a secure payment system, allows me to edit, update, alter my gigs whenever I want. There’s a lot of freedom on this platform if you live within the Fiverr ToS, which is not difficult to do.

  1. The Value of the Forum Is Underestimated

I wish I had stumbled upon the Forum in my first year on Fiverr. I would have learned a great deal and may have had a better “first-year” here. What I think is missing is that too many newbies don’t quite understand that the vast knowledge base that exists in the Forum membership can be a tool they could use to tweak their freelance careers into something amazing. Instead, we see the same five questions/complaints posted no less than ten times daily.

  1. The Regulars On The Forum Are Brilliant

I just want to add this note because I think the regular Fiverr Forum members who keep this alive deserve a pat on the back. They provide insight, information, and assistance wherever possible. I’ve only been active on the Forum for 4 months, so I am far from being one of the “regulars” but I do respect what they post and admire their patience at times. Good job, folks!

  1. It’s Just A Program

I get a laugh out of Sellers who have chosen to have their lives revolve around Fiverr by chasing after every BR or sharing things like “be always active online” as to how they are able to find work here. Well, I hate to burst that bubble, but there are far more important things you should be filling your life with other than Fiverr. But I’m not going to help you figure that out.

That’s about it.

So, thank you, Fiverr. It’s been a blast and I’m glad we’ve made it to my Fiverrith Anniversary together!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.



Congratulation. :innocent:


thank you very much for sharing this precise information as it will help us to grow in future as you have mentioned very clearly that what should be the strategy to survive in this outstanding platform and its a platform where you will have fluctuation and you have to adopt it by making strategy.


Quote of the month!!
I think I found the forum around my 4th year. I really wished I’d found about it earlier too.

Happy anniversary BTW :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I’m not sure if you are going to celebrate this glorious day, but cheers to you :champagne: :champagne: :wine_glass: :tropical_drink: :beer: :beers: :clinking_glasses:
Have a nice weekend!

  1. They Don’t Always Mean It - You learn when they are constant from them being constant. Before and after that, they are inconstant (or maybe constipated seeing the thing never arrives)

  2. It Is Far From Easy - is very true. If it was easy everyone would be doing - which seems to be the case today, which makes it even less easy. the trick tho is to be good at what you do, not just saying (or stealing) it :wink:

  3. Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket - no no, the Sulphur smell from all those eggs, phew! Oh, um, no, Fiberr alone will not help you with that problem. You gotta work up gigs here, air, and everywhere. Ideally in this place called the “real world”.

  4. Be Nice To The People Who Help You - oh so true. So true. Yet so underused. I call it supporting your backline: that is the people who get you there. In music that is your band members, audio engineers, lighting engineers, the girl on the door… If you burn them, they start bailing on you. Your fans are not the only people you need. Without a backline you are nothing.

  5. Fiverr Isn’t Perfect - oh lordy lordy no. Nothing is perfect. No one gets dealt a hand with four aces. Well, some deal themselves such a hand but once there are 457 aces on the table it gets ugly :boom:. Play the hand you have been dealt with dignity, even whilst those around you seem to have 5 aces each.

  6. The Value of the Forum Is Underestimated - 1 minute read time won’t do it. You done gotta read far and wide. Many things initially seem a bit useless. then suddenly the patterns start to become obvious. You realize that Mr Loo Sink is actually disconnected ink which is a whole other thing! It is in the patterns that the real learning is. Change perspective.

  7. The Regulars On The Forum Are Brilliant - I am indeed. Thank you very much for noticing this :innocent:

  8. It’s Just A Program - one of those programs like those “vaccinations” that



Dang, that fellow needs a new toothbrush, dental floss, Listerine, and braces.
And a several dozen visits to the dentist…
His eyes (forgive me if it’s a girl) on the other hand are quite pretty :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Congrats! and Happy Fiverrith Anniversary :partying_face: :boom: :love_you_gesture:


Happy Fiverrith Anniversary, @looseink. :partying_face:

I found the FF, aka Fiverr Forum shortly after I joined in July of 2017. Maybe that is why I got my first order 45 days after I signed up instead of the year it took you? :thinking:

That :arrow_up: goes for me too. :blush:


Happy fiverrith anniversary! You’ve become quite a regular haha, seen you on a lot of threads.


That Great. Keep Going on.


Awesome information. Love your post from the bottom of my heart.


best of luck keep moving


Congratulation, Keep Going on


congratulations !! and good luck for the career

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Couldn’t agree more on everything you said!

Happy anniversary here on Fiverr @looseink!

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Happy Fiverrith Anniversary! And thanks for your contribution to the forum, I’ve read your threads and comments and always found them useful. You’re a “regular” too!
Hope you’re going to enjoy this anniversary with your family :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for sharing kind information :heart_eyes:

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Happy Fiverrith Anniversary!

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